New Moon Goddess Women's Wisdom Circle

Katherine Skaggs Lilith

New Moon
Goddess Women's Wisdom Circle
Tuesday, April 29th

Held at 3148 Birmingham Drive in Fort Collins, CO 80526

This is a New Moon Goddess Women's Wisdom Circle invoking the Feminine Presence into our lives in sacred and practical ways.

Calling all women to gather in sacred circle and ceremony, planting intentions for new beginnings, opening to the reflective wisdom and guidance of a particular goddess each month.

To begin our time together, you are cleaned with sacred smudge and tobacco, then gather around the altar in prayer and intention, calling in our allies of the directions as well as our ancestors and spirit helpers, and honor the reflective time of the new moon cycle. We will ask for guidance from the Mythical Goddess Tarot and bring that reflection into the circle individually as well as collectively, then we will use shamanic journey to go deeper within.

April Goddess of the New Moon is Lilith. To begin your time with Lilith, call her forth into your attention and ask her to bring light to your power and expression. Lilith encourages us to be authentically ourselves, to own our power and to claim equality and balance in our world. Call upon Lilith for the truth and essence of your Divine Feminine light to move you forward in your dreams, being able to DREAM BIG and to invoke the energy and power for them to manifest now.

Cost $22

Email Katherine to RSVP if you would like to come and pay in person.

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