Painting the Soul

Painting the Soul:
An Experience of
Inner Sight and Light
Saturday, March 18
9am to 5pm

Learn to "see" beyond what your brain and eyes experience... an intuitive approach connecting your heart spaces with the stillness of sitting in observation to create your own self soul portrait. In this day long introduction to Painting the Soul: An Experience of Inner Sight and Light, Katherine will teach you an intuitive painting process coupled with self portrait painting and drum journey to achieve your own personal self soul portrait. Whether you are a seasoned artist or beginner, Katherine will lay out how to work with the materials, and paint a face. She'll introduce symbolism and create a space for you at connect to your creativity and imagination, to open the doorway to visioning, and how to bring that to a canvas.

8:30 to 8:55am - Arrive, check in, get your spot in class and set up your studio space.

9 to 11am - Opening Circle and Introduction of Intuitive Painting and Painting the Soul. The intersection of intuition, art, vision and being the Artist, Healer, Wise One. Demonstration of intention setting, visioning, sketching and painting the soul process. Underpainting and glazing included.

11am to Noon- Drum Journey into initial sitting with painting the Soul, sketching with paint.

Noon to 1pm - Lunch Break

1 to 4pm - Painting the Soul Studio time

4 to 5pm - Integration and closing the circle, break down and clean up.

Katherine will provide the following materials:
charcoal and sketch materials; 16x20" canvas
six easels are available to borrow if you don't have one (1st requested basis)

Recommended materials needed for class:
Golden fluid acrylic paints; an assortment of acrylic brushes; palette; water container

If you don't have your own acrylic paints, you can use Katherine's paints for an additional $15 for the day, payable day of class. Additional brushes are also available if need be for the day.

Class Tuition - $125

Scroll to the bottom of the page to register.

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