Praying with Sacred Tobacco 2017

For Artist Shaman Healer Sage Grads and Approved Shamanic Explorers

Saturday, August 26th
9am to 3pm

Pre-requisite: ASHS Course I, or other Advanced Shamanic Work approved by Katherine

Connect with the spirit and essence of Tobacco in sacred ceremony and ritual. In this day of retreat, work with tobacco in sacred silence and prayer, invoking tobacco as your ally and as a powerful shamanic tool in your everyday life for clearing, cleaning and invoking healing. Bring tobacco in for protection and for assistance in greater boundaries and integrity in all areas of your life.

Tobacco is a sacred plant used by many indigenous peoples around the world. The tobacco we will work with is from the jungles of Peru. It is pure, and is used by the shamans there for clearing low frequency energies, such as trauma, unpleasant patterns and emotions. It is also used for protection and greatly assists sensitive, empathic people when used consciously as an ally, through prayer and with intention.

This is a one-day diet with tobacco, with an opportunity to get to know it better as a spirit ally and powerful healing tool.

Cost $125 first timers
Repeats $75

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