Q'ero Mesa Making and Andean Despacho Ceremony

For ASHS Grads or Advanced Students Only

The Q'ero Mesa, and
the Andean Despacho Ceremony
Saturday, January 18, 2020
3pm to 6:30pm

Advanced students! Join me in ceremonial spaces to learn about the powerful Incan medicines of the Mesa and the Despacho . First part of class you will make a Mesa, and second part of class you will participate in the Despacho ceremony to offer prayers, to bring balance, healing and reciprocity.

The Q'ero, whose name means keeper of the key, are shaman mystics, descended from the Inca, who live at 15,000 feet in the Andes. They understand energy and how to work the mental, emotional, physical and energetic bodies for harmony, peace, health and well-being. Both the Mesa, and the Despacho Ceremony are important tools and practices for living in balance with the spirit world.

The Q'ero Mesa

Mesa is a Spanish word that means table or altar. It is a transportable altar, that carries the power of the prayers, stones, sacred items and medicine that make it up. It is basically an Andean Medicine Pouch, for use in prayer and healing. The mesa, which contains v

The Despacho

Then, we will move into the healing and blessing powers of an Andean Despacho. A depsacho is a prayer bundle offering ceremony for a wide variety of occasions – births, deaths, as an expression of gratitude, to heal physical and emotional ailments, to restore balance and harmony, or when there is a specific request of the spirit world.

The offering is made up of suggested items which are offerings to the spirit world, to bring blessings and healings. Every offering given in the ceremony increases the vibration of the space and the people involved, enhancing the intentions of our prayers, and the power of a community prayer circle. These offerings are part of the practice of Ayni, or reciprocity. Giving back to spirit, to Life, opens the power of gratitude, creating balance, healing and abundance.

What to Bring for Your Mesa:

A sacred cloth for the outside of the Mesa - 15x15" up to 20x20" are good sizes.
Small stones - Quartz, Rose Quartz, a Black Stone (obsidian, hematite, shungite, black tourmaline), selenite.
Other stones - Any meaningful stones that have the energy and power you are attracted to.
Sacred items - Any small statues, trinkets or sacred items symbolizing the Divine, Deities you work with, sacred geometries, etc.

What to Bring for the Despacho:

Items for the despacho represent the Universe and the World of Spirit. The power of this ritual is to honor the many aspects of Spirit, through symbolic representation, gratitude and prayer. The ceremonial placement represents the interconnectedness and wholeness of spirit and all life.

Choose a small amount of ANY of the following items you would like to gift to the Despacho:

  • Incenses, resins, plants, fragrances Offerings:
    Copal: offering to the lower world, the shadow; Frankincense: offering to the upper world, the light; Palo Santo: space for our prayers; Coca: sacred wisdom of pacha mama; Tobacco: offering to the sky father; Cedar: wisdom of the forest; Sage: purification, banishment of the negative; Anise: celebration, sensuality; Lavender: purity, purification; Laurel: sacredness, victory over adversity; Leaves: honoring nature spirits; Cotton: dreams, clouds, mountain snows
  • Flowers: the beauty of nature, the power of light, reproduction and fertility
    Red Carnations: honoring pacha mama; White Carnations: honoring the wisdom of the heavens
  • Food Offeringss:
    Berries: rewards, fruits of labor; Corn: a gift of the earth, sustenance; Cornmeal: offering to the earth mother; Garlic: absorption of the negative; Figs: ancient mountain spirits; Grains: sustenance, abundance; Lima Beans: sacred places, huaqas, power spots; Raisins: offering to the dead; Peanuts: caves, places for elemental spirits; Rice: offerings to the spirit world; Sweets: fertility, beginnings, potential; Sugar: sweetness, feeding the spirits; Vegetable oil: our connection to the nourishing power of nature
  • Liquors Offerings:
    Liquor: high energy, honoring the spirit world, our ancestors; Red Wine: honoring the mother, menstrual blood; White Wine: honoring the moon, fluids of purification, urine
  • Stone and Mineral Offerings: Any stones or minerals that are meaningful and symbolic to you such as
    Gold: masculine, the sun, insight; Silver: feminine, the moon, intuition; Amber: protection, memory, calming; Amethyst: higher knowledge, insight, grounded psychic growth, courage, self-esteem; Aventurine: joy, mental clarity, positive attitudes; Bloodstone: blood and heart healing, vitality, courage, higher states of consciousness; Copper: the earth’s gift, conductivity; Hematite: protection, aids astral projection, increases self-esteem; Clear Quartz: purity of perception, purity of intention; Rose Quartz: love and romance, purity of feeling, confidence, expression, creativity; Smokey Quartz: purification, elimination of shadow aspects, fertility, creativity, joy; Turquoise: fresh starts, offering to the ancestors, strength of entire body, protection; etc.
  • Animal Offerings
    Animal shapes: honoring our relatives in the animal kingdom; Fat: purest form of energy; Bone: our inner core, structure, connection to animal relatives; Coral: the power of the sea, the subconscious; Egg shells: the unborn, purity, healing; Feathers: connection to the ether and sky; Human hair: honoring our connection to the animal world; Milk: connection to the mother, honoring trees; Pearls: infinite wisdom and purity; an Open Shells: womb space, openness, protection and sacred space.

The Despacho prayer bundle will be offered up in a fire ceremony, to release the prayers to the Universe and Pacha Mama, and all of the Spirit World in reciprocity and gratitude, bringing renewed harmony and peace, balance and purification.

Early Bird Pricing $85 (if paid by Dec. 27, 2019)
Deposit Only $50 (balance of $50 cash due at beginning of class Jan. 18, 2020)
Full Tuition $99 (Dec. 28 to day of class)

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