Full Moon Remote Shamanic Healing Group April 7th

Full Moon
Remote Shamanic Healing Group
April 7th at 6pm MDT

Dear Friends

Join me for another Shamanic Remote Group Healing, Tuesday evening, April 7th at 6pm MDT on the Full Pink Moon. We will gather at a time of heightened energy and emotional intensity, which can serve as a powerful portal to healing that which has been hidden away. This is a great time to clear layers of false appearances and expressions born from fear, lack, fright, and difficult energies. These deep seeded fears, triggered by the challenges of our world at this time intersecting the full moon of April 2020, gives us a particular opportunity to face them directly, then to clean them away.

This full moon BIG ENERGY, as it is a THE biggest Supermoon of the year, with a theme of beauty, harmony, balance and partnership. It ask us to look at how we compromise, cooperation and function in our relationship with Self and other. This group energy will work with the full moon energies to release conflict and fear that gets in the way of cooperation and harmony. It is time to return to the more harmonious and beautiful energies within, so we can experience them in all life.

We'll gather virtually on Zoom platform, where I will focus energy to assist in clearing any personal patterns that take you into fear, lack, loss, anger, etc. We will also work on calming and clearing the larger patterns of our cultures and society, that create more fear.

I will call upon all of our allies, but have gotten the guidance specifically to work with the Spirit of Fire to support us at this time, to burn away the patterns that create struggle, that limit us, and that are here to be transformed.

I'll also open a medicine wheel, call in our allies, offer smoke and smudge, prayers, healing song and shamanic healing. I will assist you in grounding and work with visualization and guidance to reset the energy. Clearing fear and trauma at this time are most important so we are able to move forward and heal individually as well as collectively. This supports our mind, our emotions and our immune system.

Additional teaching and practices will be offered as guided at the time.

As soon as I get your registration, your name is put onto the altar to be worked with immediately in my daily prayers and such.

And since so many are impacted at this time, I am offering various price points to join. I don' have a donate button on my site set up, but will offer the remote healing circles as little as $1 to join. There will be $5 increments that you can give in, depending on your situation and your desire. I will not turn anyone away. If you cannot afford this at this time, email me and I'll send you the link to join anyway.

Sign up at last 30 minutes prior to the time of the healing session to insure your ability to join. Limited to 100 participants.

May we all find generosity in our hearts at this time. Be kind to one another. Be generous and help where you can. Support the whole by taking care of yourself and doing your own work. Lift others up through your compassion. You can do this. We all can do this. We are in this together, and together we are stronger. The web is clearly woven. May we bring light to it, through our own personal responsibility in how we each can show up. May we ask for support where support is needed. And may we give more greatly than we can imagine, that all are loved, cared for, and made whole.



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