Shamanic Healing Circle - Kearney

Shamanic Healing Circle
Kearney, NE
Thursday, May 28th

Join Katherine Skaggs, shamanic practitioner and visionary artist for an evening of heart. Within the shamanic healing circle you will experience a community space dedicated to raising your vibration and your ability to experience balance, harmony and joy.

Katherine will open a medicine wheel, calling the allies of the directions, as well as connecting to Great Spirit. You will be cleaned and cleared individually and collectively within the group experience. Katherine will use sacred smudge or sacred tobacco to clean your aura, and offer agua de florida (flower water with prayers) to raise your vibration. Each person will also receive a short individual healing within the group container. This circle is a beautiful and sacred container to clean out the old energies that do not serve you, as well as to support your true essence shining brightly.

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