Shamanic Healing Circle

with shamanic practitioner Katherine Skaggs

Held at Katherine's Studio at 3148 Birmingham Drive in Fort Collins, CO

Each shamanic healing circle brings an opportunity to align with the full moon energy, to offer gratitude for what you have and have received in this cycle, and then to lay down any old patterns and energies that no longer serve your life. The full moon cycle is always a time for harvest, a time to gather and be grateful for what has come, to pick the fruit off the vine and enjoy the blessings of your labors... as well as to then compost what has died on the vine, what is no longer giving energy, nourishment, value and blessing to your life.

We gather in community for a sacred ceremony of blessing and healing with the Shamanic Healing Circle. As you enter into this evening, you will receive a cleaning/clearing with sacred tobacco and agua florida water. We will then open a shamanic circle in ceremonial style calling in our allies for support, to hold a safe and sacred space for the evening. Short shamanic clearing/healing and blessings will be offered individually within the group setting.

The collective group setting and individual clearings assist in balancing the inner and outer self, helping one to better navigate their lives in balance and personal power.

Shamanism and shamanic energy healing is known to be as old as 50,000 years according to modern day archeology. Katherine Skaggs has trained internationally with Shipibo shamans from the jungles of Peru, the Q'ero from the Andes of Peru and the Huichols from Mexico, in addition to multi-cultural shamanic teachers within the U.S. The practices offered within this ceremonial circle are handed down from these traditions and offered with the intention of personal and community healing and blessing.


Please come early so we can begin at 6:30pm sharp. Thank you so much!

Email Katherine to RSVP if you would like to come and pay in person.

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