Shamanic Land Healing Workshop

For Artist Shaman Healer Sage Graduates Only

Land Healing Workshop
Saturday, August 17th
9am to 4pm-ish

Join Katherine to learn how to work with land that has been traumatized, to clear the trauma, to offer prayers and blessings through an Andean Dispacho ceremony, and other shamanic ceremonial healing techniques. We will plant crystals on the land, and give a variety of offerings, work with the plant devas and tree devas and stone beings to bring healing and regeneration to the land. The land we are going to was burnt in the 12th filing fires last year and is completely gone. The entire community was destroyed and devastated. We will go in as a healing team and work together to bring peace and healing to the land, the land owner and the community. We'll work intuitively to gain any messages for the owner, the community, and ourselves that may guide us in living in harmony on this land and this earth.


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