The Shamanic Body Map

Sunday, August 21st
9am to 5pm

Walking a shamanic lifestyle is one of finding and following maps that reveal wisdom and truth, and the way of waking up as Spirit within a dream. The Shamanic Body Map will help you better understand the wisdom of the body and what it has to teach you in waking up.

The Shamanic Body Map reveals the symbol system of the body, and how it can guide you to living in greater balance, physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. Identify patterns of imbalance, and learn to clear, reset and restore your center as you release distorted patterns.

Learn the spiritual meaning of breaking a bone. Each bone has particular meaning and spiritual energy. The symbol system of this body map will reveal the significance of the bones, what they can tell you if you break one, as well as what they will tell you about the energy you are unconsciously working to release. Where you break the bone will give you timelines of what you are working to release, whether in this life or a past life. What is it trying to show you, teach you? We’ll take a look at the organ mapping systems too and what they can teach you about where you are on the road of the soul.

Here's more that you will learn:
Symbol system and meaning of the bones and teeth of the human body
Symbol system and meaning of the organs
How to clear distorted patterns held in the bones, organs and energy bodies

This information can give vast insights and support to you and your life path, as well as to how you work with clients if you are a healer practitioner.

What you need to bring to class:
Drinking Water and a sack lunch, snacks for the day
Pens/pencils and a journal or notebook for note taking

Teacher and shamanic practitioner - Katherine Skaggs

** To Attend: You must be enrolled in or a graduate of the Artist Shaman Healer Sage course, or approved by Katherine.

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