Visionary Art Show and Healing Power of Art Free Talk

Visionary Art Show by
Katherine Skaggs
& Free Talk on the
Healing Power of Visionary Art
Sat. March 25th
5 to 7 pm
H2Oasis Float Center & Tea Shop

6564 E 51st St, Tulsa, OK 74145

Join Katherine Skaggs - visionary artist, soul painter, channel, intuitive and shamanic practitioner to learn more about the Healing Power of Visionary Art, both in the viewing and in the making of it.

Katherine will hang more than 20 originals or giclee' prints for your enjoyment, and will engage in storytelling of each piece, its healing process and symbolism, and how it can awaken healing in you.

Whether you are an artist, a craftsperson, or a viewer of art, every time you engage your creativity and the beauty of art, you engage healing and restoration of your spiritual, physical, mental and emotional self.

Katherine Skaggs has been an artist her whole life. In her late teens and early 20s she became interested in metaphysics and spirituality. As life progressed she became interested in the intersection of her art and her spiritual path. This journey has been an amazing path of healing, revelation and connection to the Divine.

Katherine now works as a full time visionary artist, intuitive, writer, spiritual teacher and healer. She has discovered the healing power of art both through creating it and through engaging it. In ancient times the shamans, priests and priestesses in the community would make art as gateways and portals to the Divine. They would make art as healing tools for individuals and for their community. They were the visionaries and the healers, they were the messengers of the Gods and Goddesses.

Art is no different today when it is created with intention. Within each one of us is an innate ability to use creativity as a healing experience. Quantum physics is now validating what has been taught about art and created through art in Spiritual communities for 1,000s of years. There's art therapy as well as intuitive creativity as healing and awakening modalities widely accepted and making the scene in our modern world.

Within this talk Katherine will share her experiences of revelation in healing through creating art, as well as her knowledge and wisdom of others healing through viewing sacred art. She'll discuss the spiritual, metaphysical and quantum physics components. She'll also give you guidance in how to bring this healing modality into your life, through beautiful imagery, as well as through the Intuitive Creative Process. Katherine will also discuss and show you samples of sacred symbology used in art to restore, renew and heal, as well as to help awaken your consciousness.

Katherine will also share the Healing Power of Soul Portraits, a process brought to Katherine through her guides, to assist in healing and awakening the awareness of essence, or soul, rather than just identification with the human self.

To learn more about Soul Portraits, click here.

Katherine Skaggs has painted more than several thousand soul portraits and spirit guide paintings to date, channeling imagery, words, frequency and guidance for each individual, for a greater activation of their soul self and divine awareness.

Click here to learn more about Katherine. 

Katherine Skaggs is the artist of the Mythical Goddess Tarot, the Pocket-full of Goddesses: A Blessing Oracle, as well as more than 50 altar cards. She is also the artist and author of the Pocket Blessings Cards.

Art prints, decks and altar cards will be available at the event.

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