Winter Solstice Ceremony

Winter Solstice
Wednesday, Dec. 21st

with Katherine Skaggs

Join in a ceremonial wisdom circle on the Winter's Solstice, to move from the cycle of Autumn into Winter. This Solstice is a time of harvesting the fruits of our labors, a time to be thankful and celebrate what has come our way over the past cycles, and a time to die to the outer cycle of growth. It will be a time to honor the cyclical movement inward into rest and regeneration. We are here to honor the reflective time of moving inward as the Sun moves farther away from Mother Earth, and there is more darkness in the cycle of Winter.

To begin our time together, you will be energetically cleaned with sacred smudge, tobacco and flower water. We then gather around the altar in prayer and intention, calling in our allies of the directions, the elementals, our ancestors and spirit helpers.

We shall call upon the Gaelic Winter Solstice Goddess Cailleach Beira, the Dark Mother, the Harvest Goddess, Crone, Queen of Winter, who watches over the dark part of the year. 

This Crone, Wise Woman, Goddess Cailleach (from Scotland and parts of Ireland) will assist us in connecting to our inner wise woman. We will work with her through ceremony and ritual, as well as a shamanic drum journey. We call upon her ancient, elemental power of destruction to help release the low frequency energies within the old worn out ways and habits, so we may rest and regenerate. It is time to cast away the heavy, fearful ways that bind us and raise our frequency to that of compassion, and creation through unconditional self acceptance and love.

We also ask for individual and collective guidance from the Mythical Goddess Tarot to expand our vision and focus our clarity.

Cost $33

Email Katherine to RSVP if you would like to come and pay in person.

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