Women's Circle Equinox Celebration

Women's Circle Equinox Celebration
Seeding the Soil of Your Soul

Friday, March 20th
6:30 - 9:30 pm

Calling sacred women sisters to join Katherine Skaggs and Aletheia Mysteia for an Equinox Celebration event for Seeding the Sacred Soil of Your Soul. Equinox is a time of transition and initiation, a movement from Winter to Spring, from a time of dormancy and potentiation to rebirth, resurrection and illumination.

This Equinox Celebration offers an opportunity to sync with the "Alchemical Heartistry" of your sacred signature symbols and sign posts moving into Spring.  Alchemical Heartistry equals ALCHEMY + ARTISTRY + HEART!

The alchemical process is a one of transmuting base elements into gold. The Alchemy of the Soul translates this into the process of taking the shadows and challenges of life and transmuting them into the golden light and wisdom of the soul's journey.

During this sacred equinox event and ceremony, you will explore the signature symbols of your soul as tools for rebirthing yourself and alchemizing your life. These signature symbols are physical representations of energies that guide you and perhaps even represent your life path. A heart, an arrow, a feather, a totem animal, an angel, a six pointed star... whatever you have been attracted to in symbol, know these are part of your higher guidance system that activate your soul remembering, and walk upon your soul path on earth. These are not only visual, they may be: anything from nature (a pine cone, a stone, a gem, a particular bird feather or wing); a personal treasure or trinket, a necklace or bracelet from a special place or from a special person; photos that imbue power and presence of love, of Spirit, of hope, of joy; songs; icons; statuary of Divine Beings – goddesses, the Christ, the Buddha, etc; animals; symbolic shapes such as heart, oval, spiral, etc.

You are invited to reflect upon, explore and gather your sacred signature symbols of your soul prior to coming to this circle. Please bring your personal symbols to the ceremony for further reflection, for working with, and for activating at a new level for birthing your alchemical expansion!

We thank all of the women who gather here, as we know we are not only working on the alchemy of our own lives personally, but also for the planetary alchemy that is possible. As we gather, we offer blessings to the world, to the potential of our soul heart expanded throughout humanity. As we heal the shadows of our journeys in life, we heal the planetary shadows of humanity. When we come together in ceremony, we collectively, exponentially expand the potential of love beyond anything we can imagine.  And for those who cannot join us, we include you in this ceremony and celebration, that you are held in nothing but love and awakening.

Who your ceremonialists are:

Katherine Skaggs - Visionary artist, intuitive, shamanic practitioner, teacher, soul guide and painter of souls. Read more here.

Aletheia M. Mystea, MA- owner Green Theology Ministries: Earth Rites, Animal Rites, Human Rites, LLC; The Ministry of Destiny's Grace: A Legacy of Love for All Ways; and Heartistry in Motion, LLC. The best description of Aletheia's path is in the words of her ministries.

She is a life long activist and advocate for "earth rites, animal rites, human rites and a steward for  "every creature in every corner of creation."  Aletheia is fascinated with the inner workings of the soul and human nature. She has 25 years of service ministries including clinical psychotherapy; spiritual direction and soul friending with individuals, couples and groups.  For more than 15 years, she has led and participated in a variety of sacred ritual ceremonies and prayer circles.
Aletheia is a life long spiritual seeker, student and teacher of multiple paths, all ways seeking out the "alchemical heartistry" of the truth and mystery of her interests and the soul's journey.  Her two primary mentors and soul friends, Evan Hodkins, MA, M. Div. and Rev. Alla Renee Bozarth, PhD, have provided a rich and radical variety of theological spiritual traditions with Christianity holding the central focus.  Aletheia's professional and personal spiritual path is steeped in Christian mysticism, native traditions and her devotion to Mother Earth and all her creatures.
Most recently, after a significant life event, Aletheia's path and purpose now include, The Ministry of Destiny's Grace: A Legacy of Love for All Ways, which is also a book documenting the journey of this event.  The essence of this ministry now encompasses all of her work and life.  Aletheia is devoted to the essential heartbeat of her professional and personal life, which is the alchemical heartistry  of her Christian spiritual faith and her absolute love and devotion of Our Mother Earth and all of her creatures. Aletheia attends to the divinity in every detail of creation and is fond of saying "everything is a prayer and pray all ways without ceasing."
Aletheia works closely with all of the natural world, angels, ascended masters, goddesses, saints, mystics, and Jesus who assist her as priestess, Celtic Christian mystic and medicine woman.
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