Fall Harvest Women's Retreat Healing with the Ancestors

Fall Harvest Women’s Retreat Healing with Our Ancestors

Friday, October 20th through Sunday, October 22nd • Check-in: 4 to 6pm, Friday, Oct. 20th • Check-out: 10am, Sunday, Oct. 22nd • Location: YMCA of the Rockies, Estes Park, CO

Retreat tuition includes two nights of accommodations • $777 (bunk bed and room sharing) • $888 (shared queen-sized bed room) • $999 (own queen bed in a shared room) • five meals; two healing sessions with the practitioner of your choice • group ceremonies • guided yoga and meditation

It’s time to Gather Women in Sacred Holy Spaces

Fall Harvest Retreat and Celebration

Join together with like-minded and like-hearted women seeking sanctuary of the heart and soul.  The Fall Harvest Women’s Retreat, Healing with Our Ancestors is a sacred container for women to deepen into their heart-spaces provided by facilitator/spiritual teachers Katherine Skaggs (author of the multi-award-winning spiritual guidebook Artist Shaman Healer Sage: Timeless Wisdom, Practices, Ritual, and Ceremony to Transform Your Life and Awaken Your Soul) and Kim Johnson (wise woman, elder, catalyst for change, and so much more,) and Bring About Women’s Retreats with Becky Hoffman… and of course a beautiful council of wise women listed below.

Fall, also known as the West in the Medicine Wheel, is the time for Harvest, completion, graduation, endings, celebration, release, and death. It is the doorway to our Ancestors, and the place where we begin to move inward after our time in the summer sun. Within this time together we will celebrate the magic of the divine feminine with the wise council of women who’ve come together to support your harvest, release, healing, restoration, and illumination.

What You Can Expect to Experience & Gain in Retreat

  • With Fall as our theme, you will be guided to Harvest the good from all aspects of your life, inwardly and externally, through ceremony, ritual, learning spaces, journaling, yoga, good food, walks in the woods, and private healing sessions with the practitioners of your choice.
  • Opening Ceremony  - You will learn about and work with the power of cycles as represented in the Wheel of Life, aka the Medicine Wheel. (Katherine and Kim) An opening ceremony is offered to set a safe and loving container for our retreat together.
  • Our host Becky and Co-host Natalie will support you in every way with introductions, agreements, logistics, and scheduling. If you have a question or need they will nourish you in every way possible to help you success in your desires for this healing retreat.
  • You will be guided in setting your intentions in the East - the beginning of our time together. This is the place to plant the seeds of our heart desires, to move into wonderment and possibility through our curiosity, and to focus on what is most important in how we live our lives. (Katherine and Kim)
  • You will be guided to co-create an Ancestral Altar with your retreat sisters as a focus for healing and gathering our gifts. This is a place to connect to our Ancestral lineage, born of your physical DNA, and your spiritual and soul lineages. (Katherine and Kim)
  • You’ll learn about herbs to work with to support growth and expansion (the South energy) from our herbal expert Taylor Short.
  • There will be time to enjoy the beauty of Mother Nature in the pristine areas of the Rockies around our cabin area. An optional nature hike and wandering is available.
  • Before dinner Saturday Kim and Katherine will lead a cauldron and fire ceremony to assist you in letting go of what no longer serves you. You’ll have an experiential learning opportunity to understand the power and importance of completion, composting, and releasing with the support of the West and the medicine of fire. This is an amazing healing ceremony that not only cleans and clears energy but also restores your life force.
  • After dinner we’ll move into a guided Ancestral Healing Drum Journey with Katherine and Kim. This experience assists in calling forth the gifts given through your ancestral lines, as well as continued purification and restoration.
  • Every morning and night our Yoga Mistra Jen will lead you in either rejuvenating or restorative yoga practices, meditations and journaling that coincide with the fall retreat themes.
  • Individual healing sessions - And yes, you will have an opportunity to work individually with your choice of Katherine, Kim, Taylor, and also Tarryn  to relax, restore, and renew your whole self in this sacred retreat setting.
  • Great Food - Expect good food and nourishment for your body & soul provided by our chef Erin.
  • Integration and Closing Ceremony - At the end of our time together you will enjoy an integration and closing ceremony with our Hostess Becky, and our retreat leads Katherine and Kim.

Prior to our time together you’ll get some prompts for personal homework to prepare for our time together, including but not limited to what to bring for the ancestral altar (sacred items that will return to you after the retreat); and items and offerings you may want to offer to the fire for releasing (obviously they will not return to you.)

Additional educational materials will be provided to prepare you for our time together.

And you will have an extensive retreat booklet loaded with resources, educational materials about the teachings of the weekend, meditations, and ritual and ceremony you can continue once you leave our time together.

Suffice it to say, we are here to assist you in letting go of the things that cannot go on your life journey, helping you to reset and to fill up that you may live in joy.

Many teachings, meditations, and rituals are supported through the wisdom passed on from Katherine Skaggs' award winning book Artist Shaman Healer Sage: Timeless Wisdom, Practices, Ritual, and Ceremony to Transform Your Life and Awaken Your Soul

To learn more and to register email Becky Hoffman with Bring About - Women's Retreats

Retreat tuition includes two nights of accommodations • $777 (bunk bed and room sharing) • $888 (shared queen-sized bed room) • $999 (own queen bed in a shared room)
• five meals; two healing sessions with the practitioner of your choice • group ceremonies • guided yoga and meditation

**To learn more and to register email Becky Hoffman with Bring About - Women's Retreats 

Awaken the Inner Artist - One Day Event
Women's Intuitive Creativity and Painting Immersion

Sunday, December 12th, 9am to 5pm

Honor and Awaken Your
Imagination • Curiosity • Childlike Wonderment • Fearless, Courageous, Creativity

Awakening the Inner Artist is the Awakening of the Soul's Creative Powers.

Whether you are a seasoned artist or beginner, Katherine will lay out how to work with the materials, how to work with color, symbolism, and intention to connect to your essence, as well as how to connect to and paint the vision and essence of your Inner Artist. You will work with opening a safe and sacred space for diving deep into your creativity and imagination, to open the doorway to visioning, and how to bring that to a canvas.

Ladies You Asked for Another Opportunity!

Join this one day intuitive painting immersion to explore the inner spaces of your Divine Creative Self, Your Inner Artist. The studio space is the sacred temple space to call forth the power of your self-expression. Ceremony, ritual, meditation and inner journey spaces will open the creative flow. It is a time to say YES to your inner knowing.

Creativity and Curiosity

With canvas, paint, and the power of your curiosity, we will explore your soul's inner symbol system, awakening your intuitive creativity, and its power to support you in creating the life you want.

What if you could create a more loving, exciting, peace-filled, and abundant life? What if you can edit our life story and empower yourself as story teller and story maker? Are you ready to expand your story into greater harmony, love, and joy? Awakening the Inner Artist is an experience of Awakening Your Soul Spark. There is nothing more important than realizing you are the Creative Spark who directs your life.

Everyone of us is a creative being. If you don't think of yourself as an artist, it is time to reconsider that you are born a creative being, even if you don't draw, paint, sing, dance or such. You imagine and create your life each day. It is within you. It drives your choices and responses to the world. Becoming aware of this divine spark within your very being is part of your journey to awakening your true nature. With intention, curiosity, and the courage to show up, you have the opportunity to awaken and engage this divine spark in your every day consciousness. This is a time to connect to your Divine Inner Artist Spark, and bring her forth.

Your Imagination and Childlike Wonderment

We will cultivate a safe and creative space to return to your innocence and purity where your Childlike Wonderment and Imagination can flourish again. Are you tired of the adulting? Are you ready to laugh again, and move into the freedom of play? How would you like to imagine again?

There will be time to clean and clear the energies that are born of old worn out stories that no longer can go on the ride of our lives. As we sacredly release through the power of sacred destruction and paint, we can add color, hope, and wonderment back into our stories of creation. With intention, courage, and freedom to color our canvases with free flowing energy and form, we redirect the patterns of our lives into greater beauty and harmony. The external canvas and paint we use is the holographic expression of our soul changing directions into greater alignment with our soul path that is harmonious and joyful once again.

What to Bring to Class

Personal Materials for your Comfort

  • Plenty of Drinking Water for the day
  • Sack lunch
  • Snacks as needed
  • Meditation pillow

Art Materials to Bring:

  • 11x14" (or larger) Sketchbook/Visual journal for taking notes, writing intentions, focusing on what you desire, and sketching
  • Water container for painting water
  • Acrylic paint - A rainbow of colors. Recommended high quality/high pigment count such as Golden Fluid Acrylics. Small tubes or bottles of paint okay as we will use small amounts with thin layers of paint.
  • 1 Large Canvas - Choose from Sizes 18x24" to 24x30" recommended. (Make sure your portable easel will handle)
  • Variety of soft synthetic brushes. Small, medium and large. Flats, filberts, rounds. Have at least one 1" or larger flat brush for big stroke washes.
  • Palette for paints
  • Several small rags/old towels
  • Portable Easel

What is Provided for the Retreat

  • Coffee and Hot Tea
  • Sacred environment and teachings for exploring your creativity and awakening your inner artist
  • Lots of support to help you access your sacred Inner Artist, your inner vision and your ability to express it!.

Cost: $195

Deposit of $100 or full tuition required to enroll.

Space for 10 Women Only. Please register early to insure your spot in class.

Once you are registered begin to gather your supplies. The journey has begun!

In the Light of the Sagittarius May Moon - Phoenix Rising

A Retreat to Call Forth and Celebrate Your Self-Expression

Fort Collins, Colorado
May 27th - 30th
Thursday - Sunday
4 Day, 3 Night Retreat

A retreat to simply come as you are and be fully embraced and respected in your present state. We all have been pushed in different ways over the past year to shift, transform, adapt and change.



How are we stepping back out into the world?  Who are we now?  What is in our heart’s desire?  What has been illuminated for us that was once in the shadows? Are things that once resonated no longer in alignment?  Are you seeking to discover what is tugging at your heart but not quite clear? What does it mean to ground your essence onto Earth?

This retreat is intended to provide ceremony and creative outlets in which your higher self, guides, angels, and ancestors may connect with you to help you see more clearly the new pathways of growth and expansion before you.  A sacred container of support will be provided to allow you to explore your self-expression and reinvention process.

Here are the HIGHLIGHTS:

  • Hosted in the comfort of a 1920's farmhouse on 5 acres seated at the base of the foothills within walking distance of some beautiful views of the sunset over the 6 mile reservoir called Horsetooth complete with horses, ducks, chickens and pups.
  • The property owner will be sharing her passion for the earth through meals she prepares with organic foods that she has grown or locally sourced from mindful farmers in Fort Collins.
  • Visionary artist, teacher, healer and author, Katherine Skaggs, will be sitting with each participant to provide a 1 hour Soul Portrait session.
  • Ceremonialist, teacher, author, and healer, Holly Johnson, will be holding space, facilitating setting the container and sharing in fire ceremony each night to aid participants in their 'rebirthing'/'recalibration' expression being called forth to emerge.  Ceremonies will include: A ceremony of death, a celebration of life through her-story, and an evening of heart's expression with wings fully spread and taking flight!
  • The unique opportunity to take a journey with the beat of the buffalo drum and the presence of the horses to tap into the messages of your guides and higher-self to then be expressed on your personal blank canvas.
  • Many opportunities to creatively allow yourself to be expressed and to move through any stagnant energy or old patterns clinging to the subconscious that are seeking to be cleared and re-patterned for new growth.
  • Community hike to the ridge close by to sit with the setting sun over the mountains and the water with peace in our hearts and prayers sent into the wind for the dawning of new harmonious relationships.

Women's Creativity Retreat
Painting the Soul: Inner Sight and Light
August 3rd - Aug. 6th, 2017

Learn to “see” beyond what your brain and eyes experience… an intuitive approach connecting your heart spaces with the stillness of sitting in observation to create your own self soul portrait. In this 4 day Women's Only Retreat, Katherine will teach you an intuitive painting process coupled with self portrait painting and drum journey to achieve your own personal self soul portrait. Whether you are a seasoned artist or beginner, Katherine will lay out how to work with the materials, how to work with color, symbolism, and intention to connect to your essence, as well as how to paint your own portrait of the soul. You will work with opening a safe and sacred space for diving deep into your creativity and imagination, to open the doorway to visioning, and how to bring that to a canvas.

Here's what you can expect!

Thursday, Aug. 3rd

10 to Noon – Arrive and check in.

1-2pm - Meet and greet with lunch.

2 to 6pm – Opening Circle and Introduction of Intuitive Painting and Painting the Soul. The intersection of intuition, art, vision and being the Artist, Healer, Wise One. Slide show of soul portraits, sacred symbols and visionary art that communicate and activate the soul essence remembering through their beauty and intention.

6 to 7:30pm - Dinner break (on your own or bring in)

7:30 to 10pm
Set up studio space.

Demonstration of intention setting, and visioning your soul portrait art. Drum Journey to connect to your essence, guides and helpers. Reflection, journaling and sketching intentions, messages and symbols.

Friday, Aug. 4th

9 to 1pm
Demonstration of base priming of canvas and intuitive color and abstraction to set the foundational energy of your painting. Prep canvas with base paint energy and abstraction. Conversation with the soul painting process. 11x14" practice painting engaging the soul essence.

1 to 2:00 pm – Lunch Break (lunch provided)

2:00 to 6pm
Studio time - Symbolism and meaning. What are your symbols? What is your story?
Practice painting continued. Then sketch self from life, onto charcoal and toned paper transfer sketch to canvas and begin soul painting.

6 to 7:30pm - Dinner break (on your own or bring in)

7:30 to 10pm
Open Studio time - Transferring drawings to 16x20" canvas, add symbols and work on composition.

Saturday, Aug. 5th

10am to 1pm
Acrylic glazing demo and overview of working in casein and acrylic materials.
Open studio time

1 to 2:00 pm – Lunch Break (lunch provided)

2:00 to 6pm
Open studio time with painting and individual coaching

6 to 7:30pm - Dinner break (on your own or bring in)

7:30 to 10pm
Open studio time with painting and individual coaching

Sunday, Aug. 6th

10am to 1pm
Finishing touches on paintings
Clean studio and set up for closing circle

1 to 2:00 pm – Lunch Break (lunch provided)

2:00 to 4:30pm
Closing circle and integration

Materials Provided:

Charcoal and sketch materials with toned drawing paper; 11x14" canvas panel (practice), 16×20″ canvas; titanium white casein; rags; mal sticks; some brushes;
six easels are available to borrow if you don’t have one (1st requested basis)

Lunch and afternoon snacks are provided each day. You will be responsible for breakfast and dinner.

Materials Students Need to Bring:

Sketchbook for taking notes and sketching
2 water containers for painting water
Acrylic paint - recommended high quality/high pigment count such as Golden Fluid Acrylics
(additional acrylics available for use for a donation of $25 if you don't have your own). Small tubes or bottles of paint okay as we will use small amounts with thin layers of paint.
Variety of soft synthetic brushes, filters and rounds with some wide flat brushes for glazing
Palette for paints
Several small rags
Portable Easel
Clip light with daylight bulb and extension cord for night time painting and ideal light

If you don’t have your own acrylic paints, you can use Katherine’s paints for an additional $25 for the retreat, payable day of class. Additional brushes are also available if need be.

You will also need to provide your own accommodations for sleeping. If you would like to share an AirBnB, please let Katherine know and she will pass your name along to others who would also like to do so. Local hotels contact info will also be passed along.

Retreat Details

Retreat limited to 12 women
Aug. 3rd - 6th, 2017
Katherine's Studio
Fort Collins, CO

Accommodations recommended through Airbnb and local hotels

Retreat Tuition  $595
Includes basic materials, lunches and afternoon snacks
Must provide your own paints and brushes, and easel. If you would like to use Katherine's paints it will be an additional $25, payable at the beginning of the event. She has plenty of brushes and an easel if you need.

Early Bird downpayment of $300 or full price due by June 2nd - applies to only 8 spots
If you make the Early Bird downpayment of $300, the additional $195 is due July 2nd.
Includes basic materials, lunches and afternoon snacks

Once you have made your retreat registration, you will be sent a materials list and a more detailed description of the retreat workshop, and accommodation options.

Scroll to the bottom of the page to register.

Community by Katherine Skaggs
Community by Katherine Skaggs

The ART of Soul-full Living
A Women's Creativity Retreat

Wednesday, August 26th
thru Sunday, August 30th

Join visionary artist and soul mentor Katherine Skaggs in the ART of Soul-full Living, a Women's Creativity Retreat in the beauty of the Colorado Rocky Mountains to awaken your Spirit and infuse your essence into living your life authentically and full of Soul!

ART of Soul-full Living, Women's Creativity Retreat is a safe, and sacred container for women to engage their true soul essence and to awaken their creative energies for healing, empowerment and authentic soul-full living. This retreat is a sacred ceremony of Intentional Creativity,  Intuitive Painting, ritual, mask making, drum journey, altar work, journaling, and other creative processes, holding you in the healing spaces of unconditional love, acceptance and sacredness.

During this retreat you will have the opportunity to explore and claim:

The Power of Intentional Creativity - How would you like to create your life? More fun? More love? More Joy? More Grace? Learn the power of intention united with your true creative nature to shift anything in your life into greater alignment with your authentic Soul Self... which is the frequency of love!

The Intuitive Painting Experience - Did you know you are a powerful, intuitive, artisan by your soul's nature? Yes you are! Through the playful and creative process of Intuitive Painting, you can open to your inner playfulness, your inner child, your inner wise woman and your bright soul light innate to your being.

The process of Intuitive Painting combined with intention and drum journey awakens your inner senses, your inner guidance system and soul mapping system to awaken your true sense of knowing, purpose and belonging.

Shift beyond the ordinary world of reality into the extra-ordinary experience that comes from engaging your intuitive, creative soul-full nature for direct revelation. No painting experience is required. Just your willingness to explore your true creative nature.

The ART of Imagination - You are infinitely creative, yet, do you know how to access it? As a fundamental concept in working with your intention, your creativity and intuitive painting process, you will be given experiential exercises to awaken your imagination, opening you to receive what your soul has to give you!

The ART of Being Human - Are you aware of the inner soul's GPS that came with your soul as you entered into a body? Yes, you do have one. Become aware of your soul map and symbol system so you can better navigate your human life with greater power and grace. Navigating the human dimension well requires understanding how to read the signs and symbols along the road of life, and then take action on the guidance you have been given.

The ART of Being Transformation - Imagine it is your creative power that turns you from ordinary woman into amazing, super woman Alchemist of transformation! Use your creativity and intention to shape shift your life, to transform that which no longer serves you. In the process of transforming and transmuting your past you will discover you have created a new ground and "canvas" on which to create a new story, a new image, a new life.

The ART of Being Divine - Connect to your Divine Nature! Engaging your soul through, Intentional Creativity and Intuitive Painting gives you access to experience your soul self, not just the you that shows up in the mirror each morning. By the end of the retreat you will have created your own personal Soul Portrait.

The ART of Waking Up - Our time together will give us the opportunity to Wake Up from any slumbers we might have going on in our lives, to fully engage ourselves as powerful, artisan women, who consciously choose our experiences and engage our wisdom and beauty along with our authenticity. What would it be like for you to be fully awake? To be fully conscious of your choices and take complete responsibility for your happiness? No excuses, just love!

The Power of Women in Sacred Circle - A beautiful part of this retreat comes from gathering in sacred community with other women, to share our stories, our journeys, our breakdowns and our breakthroughs. Being held as sacred within an unconditionally loving container can be all it takes to shift up in one's life, to a more authentic and soul-full expression.

Ritual and Ceremony - During our retreat we will co-create an altar where we will place our prayers and intentions for our time together, and for what we are unfolding in our lives. We will also open a sacred container honoring the medicine wheel, the directions and our allies, inviting in protection and guidance from our ancestors and allies who are always here to support us.

Facilitator, guide and soul mentor Katherine Skaggs has been an artist since she can remember, and engaged in waking up her soul self the past 30 plus years. She is dedicated to empowering other women to find their authentic expression, to be courageous and amazing in her own expression of her divinity, and to activating her ability to live full of soul each breath, no matter the appearances of things.

Held at Katherine's Studio in Fort Collins, CO 

Event will be held at Katherine's studio in Fort Collins, Colorado in the foothills of the Rockies.

Check-in Wednesday, August 26th will be between 2 and 6pm. We'll gather for Dinner at 6pm, and then at 7:30pm we'll meet for our opening ceremony and first session together.

Lunch and dinner and healthy snacks are provided for the retreat Thursday, Friday and Saturday.

Brunch is included on Sunday. We will have a closing ceremony prior to brunch.

Registration - $495


Rooms are available in Fort Collins, CO:

Once you have registered for The Art of Soul-full Living Women's Creativity Retreat here, please be sure to secure a place to stay nearby in Fort Collins, CO for the duration of your stay. We are recommending the Residence Inn at 1127 Oakridge Drive, Fort Collins, CO for special room rates, 970-223-5700.

Book your group rate for Art of Soul-Full Living Womens Retreat

Katherine Skaggs CommunityJoin us for a really fun and powerful shamanic retreat focused on creativity, painting, singing, drum making, ritual, rest and rejuvenation, good food, the nourishment of being in nature and the power of connecting with the feminine.

with Lena Stevens, shamanic practitioner,
Anna Stevens, shamanic practitioner, and
Katherine Skaggs, shamanic practitioner, drum maker and visionary artist.

Women's Shamanic Healing Retreat
Thursday, July 10, 2014  4 PM – Monday, July 14, 2014 10AM

$595 includes camping, all meals, and materials for all creative projects. There are a few vintage trailers available for rent on a first come basis. $150 deposit will hold your space and is non-refundable after June 10, 2014 (for materials). Balance due June 19, 2014. Fees non-refundable after June 26, 2014 unless there is a real emergency.

To register contact the office: admin@thepowerpath.com or call 505-982-8732

Here is more information about Eagle Bear Ranch

Shamanic Singing: Find your personal expression through voice. Deepen your connection with spirit by learning to use your voice as a tool of shamanic communication.

Ceremonial Drum Making: The retreat will include all the materials to make your own 16″ Elk rawhide drum and drum beater the way our ancestors did. We will journey to connect to the spirit of your drums and initiate them in the way of the ancients.

Waking Up Your Creativity though Intuitive Painting: Through ritual and shamanic process we will enter into the spirit world of the higher self for creative expression through art. This process opens your higher guidance system and connects you to yourself as the artist of your life so you can deepen your “listening” to Spirit, beyond “hearing” to intuitive knowing.

The Power and Wisdom of the Feminine: In this retreat we will focus on connecting with and deepening your relationship to this powerful energy through shamanic practice and teachings. You will learn to clear what is in the way and to strengthen your relationship with all aspects of the feminine within.

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