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Women's Creativity Retreat
Painting the Soul: Inner Sight and Light
August 3rd - Aug. 6th, 2017

Learn to “see” beyond what your brain and eyes experience… an intuitive approach connecting your heart spaces with the stillness of sitting in observation to create your own self soul portrait. In this 4 day Women's Only Retreat, Katherine will teach you an intuitive painting process coupled with self portrait painting and drum journey to achieve your own personal self soul portrait. Whether you are a seasoned artist or beginner, Katherine will lay out how to work with the materials, how to work with color, symbolism, and intention to connect to your essence, as well as how to paint your own portrait of the soul. You will work with opening a safe and sacred space for diving deep into your creativity and imagination, to open the doorway to visioning, and how to bring that to a canvas.

Here's what you can expect!

Thursday, Aug. 3rd

10 to Noon – Arrive and check in.

1-2pm - Meet and greet with lunch.

2 to 6pm – Opening Circle and Introduction of Intuitive Painting and Painting the Soul. The intersection of intuition, art, vision and being the Artist, Healer, Wise One. Slide show of soul portraits, sacred symbols and visionary art that communicate and activate the soul essence remembering through their beauty and intention.

6 to 7:30pm - Dinner break (on your own or bring in)

7:30 to 10pm
Set up studio space.

Demonstration of intention setting, and visioning your soul portrait art. Drum Journey to connect to your essence, guides and helpers. Reflection, journaling and sketching intentions, messages and symbols.

Friday, Aug. 4th

9 to 1pm
Demonstration of base priming of canvas and intuitive color and abstraction to set the foundational energy of your painting. Prep canvas with base paint energy and abstraction. Conversation with the soul painting process. 11x14" practice painting engaging the soul essence.

1 to 2:00 pm – Lunch Break (lunch provided)

2:00 to 6pm
Studio time - Symbolism and meaning. What are your symbols? What is your story?
Practice painting continued. Then sketch self from life, onto charcoal and toned paper transfer sketch to canvas and begin soul painting.

6 to 7:30pm - Dinner break (on your own or bring in)

7:30 to 10pm
Open Studio time - Transferring drawings to 16x20" canvas, add symbols and work on composition.

Saturday, Aug. 5th

10am to 1pm
Acrylic glazing demo and overview of working in casein and acrylic materials.
Open studio time

1 to 2:00 pm – Lunch Break (lunch provided)

2:00 to 6pm
Open studio time with painting and individual coaching

6 to 7:30pm - Dinner break (on your own or bring in)

7:30 to 10pm
Open studio time with painting and individual coaching

Sunday, Aug. 6th

10am to 1pm
Finishing touches on paintings
Clean studio and set up for closing circle

1 to 2:00 pm – Lunch Break (lunch provided)

2:00 to 4:30pm
Closing circle and integration

Materials Provided:

Charcoal and sketch materials with toned drawing paper; 11x14" canvas panel (practice), 16×20″ canvas; titanium white casein; rags; mal sticks; some brushes;
six easels are available to borrow if you don’t have one (1st requested basis)

Lunch and afternoon snacks are provided each day. You will be responsible for breakfast and dinner.

Materials Students Need to Bring:

Sketchbook for taking notes and sketching
2 water containers for painting water
Acrylic paint - recommended high quality/high pigment count such as Golden Fluid Acrylics
(additional acrylics available for use for a donation of $25 if you don't have your own). Small tubes or bottles of paint okay as we will use small amounts with thin layers of paint.
Variety of soft synthetic brushes, filters and rounds with some wide flat brushes for glazing
Palette for paints
Several small rags
Portable Easel
Clip light with daylight bulb and extension cord for night time painting and ideal light

If you don’t have your own acrylic paints, you can use Katherine’s paints for an additional $25 for the retreat, payable day of class. Additional brushes are also available if need be.

You will also need to provide your own accommodations for sleeping. If you would like to share an AirBnB, please let Katherine know and she will pass your name along to others who would also like to do so. Local hotels contact info will also be passed along.

Retreat Details

Retreat limited to 12 women
Aug. 3rd - 6th, 2017
Katherine's Studio
Fort Collins, CO

Accommodations recommended through Airbnb and local hotels

Retreat Tuition  $595
Includes basic materials, lunches and afternoon snacks
Must provide your own paints and brushes, and easel. If you would like to use Katherine's paints it will be an additional $25, payable at the beginning of the event. She has plenty of brushes and an easel if you need.

Early Bird downpayment of $300 or full price due by June 2nd - applies to only 8 spots
If you make the Early Bird downpayment of $300, the additional $195 is due July 2nd.
Includes basic materials, lunches and afternoon snacks

Once you have made your retreat registration, you will be sent a materials list and a more detailed description of the retreat workshop, and accommodation options.

Scroll to the bottom of the page to register.

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