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Heart-FULL Living

Community by Katherine Skaggs

An Introduction to Shamanism
and Awakening the Heart
Thursday, Dec. 10th
6pm to 7pm

With Visionary Artist and Katherine Skaggs

By Donation!!

If you have wanted to know more about navigating life in balance, with more joy, and with a happy heart, please come!

Artist, intuitive, visionary and shamanic practitioner Katherine Skaggs will give an introduction to shamanism and the power of awakening the heart so you can live a more authentic and joyful life. Katherine will bring you into a sacred container of the heart and the wisdom of Life as a Sacred Ceremony. She will assist you in navigating your every day world, as well as holiday season with heart centered practices to lead the way.

If you are considering a soul portrait, spirit guide painting or the Leading with the Heart class with Katherine, you will enjoy this talk as an introduction to Katherine and her guidance for soul-full, heart centered living. You will also get a good dose of shamanic principles and a few practices to illuminate your heart for everyday joyfulness.

All are welcome. Come be blessed as you join in.

By Donation.


Artist Shaman Healer Sage Playshops presents

Intro to the Medicine Wheel & Shamanism
Kearney, NE
Friday, May 29th
10am to 5pm

A Map for Living Joyfully, Powerfully and in Harmony

with Shamanic Practitioner Katherine Skaggs

The Medicine Wheel provides a beautiful map for walking the cycles of life in joy, peace and power. Join Katherine Skaggs, Shamanic Practitioner for an experiential learning on the medicine wheel and how to infuse its wisdom into your everyday life for greater balance.

You will also receive foundational teachings in shamanism, including but not limited to the Q'ero people's understandings of energy and how to work with it to bring harmony; how to clean and clear your energy field working with nature; how to recognize and clear energy leaks; the right use of power; use of the shamanic drum journey to open you to the path of direct revelation; and what is "medicine," from personal to global, for empowerment. Within the concept of “medicine” you will explore your personal “medicine”, the medicine of Mother Nature and the medicine of your allies, guides and guardians, and how to restore your medicine when you have leaked it away or feel disempowered.

You will activate the medicine of creativity in the afternoon. You will make your own “medicine” wand or staff, and learn how to use it as a wisdom tool in your life.

Items to bring to class:

Water to drink

Sack lunch

Snacks for the day

Found items for your medicine wand. Prior to class, please tune in and take a walk in nature. Ask if there is a stick, short or tall, that will support making your medicine wand or staff. Tune to your heart and open to what will come to you. Trust! Also "ask" if there are any feathers, stones, or other items from Mother Nature that would like to come to you as medicine.

Bring the stick and any other found items from nature. Also, bring any crystals that have meaning to you that you might like to put into your medicine wand, or totem or symbol trinket and beads that you might like to incorporate.

Medicine wands often are made from crystals, feathers, leather, beads, colored twine or ribbon, trinkets that have meaning, etc.

Other items provided: leather, beads and other items I will gift to you to support your medicine.

You will learn how to work with your medicine staff or wand as an empowering tool, as well as how to use it to clear energy and bring in energy.

Artist Shaman Healer Sage Playshops presents

Teachings of the South —
Awakening Your Heart Light
Kearney, NE
Saturday, May 30th
Noon to 5pm

Awakening Your Heart Light and Growing Your Dreams with Love

with Shamanic Practitioner Katherine Skaggs

This class is devoted to working with the Medicine Wheel and the Teachings of the South,  the medicine of the heart and relationships. The South is the ally which opens and illuminates the authentic heart. It is the direction representing the illumination of the Summer sun, community and the heart. Learning to call upon the ally of the South within the map of the Medicine Wheel, is a call to open the heart, a call to clean and clear that which blocks and limits the heart, and a call to illuminate our most beautiful power of authenticity and love.

Within a safe and sacred container, you will have the opportunity to explore the drum as the instrument of the heart, and to receive a drum healing. You will also experience working with shamanic drum journey as a way to clear old stories and woundings, and gain support and guidance for illuminating the heart and soul light.

You will learn additional techniques for healing, forgiving and letting go of old stories and wounds that limit your havingness and joyfulness. Then you will learn to center, and  fill up, infusing yourself with light,  expanding your energy through your body and into all of your life, again for greater harmony, peace and joy.

You will receive healing by simply participating in the class. Better yet you will receive transformative exercises and practices to infuse your heart with the light of your own authentic self.

Items to bring to class:

Water to drink

Snacks for the day

Journal and pen for reflecting and taking notes

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