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Intuition, Divination
and the Mythical Goddess Tarot

Awaken Your Knowing, Reclaim Your Power
Wednesday, March 29th
6:30 - 9:30pm

Awaken your intuition through divination and the Mythical Goddess Tarot. Katherine Skaggs, Intuitive Artist, and co-creator of the Mythical Goddess Tarot will guide you through working with the power of symbol, imagery to understand the map of the tarot, and the timely messages through the Divine Feminine perspective.

Katherine will go over the basics:

  • Awakening Intuition through Divination
  • Symbols and the Subconscious
  • The Mythical Goddess Tarot as a map
  • The Major Arcana - The Goddesses and the Divine
  • The Lower Arcana - The four suits of 14 cards based on the elements (Seas - emotion; Wind - mental; Fire - ascension into Spirit; Earth - the earth walk), reflecting the human journey; asking questions and getting answers
  • Asking the Right Questions - Getting the Best Answers - preparing and receiving
  • 1-Card, 3-Card and 15-Card spreads
  • Let's do some readings

Scroll to bottom of the page to register for class

Cost is $65

What to bring to class:

Notebook, pen, and the Mythical Goddess Tarot.

If you don't have the Mythical Goddess Tarot, you can buy one at class.

The Mythical Goddess Tarot was created by author, intuitive Sage Holloway and artist Katherine Skaggs as a tool of empowerment and awakening for beginners and experts alike. It is on the top 20 list of tarot by New Leaf Distributers, has international acclaim and now is in its third printing. It is time to trust our innate knowing, and connection to the Divine. The awakening and restoration of the Divine Feminine is upon us for healing and balance. Whether we are male or female, young or old, it is time to reclaim our power, our knowing and our connection.

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