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Friday, January 26th
3 to 4pm MT

White Dog Wolf Woman by Katherine Skaggs invites you to join the Shamanic Journey with Wolf experience online

Join Shamanic Practitioner Katherine Skaggs on Zoom to connect through Shamanic Journey and work with the Wolf Moon in Leo.
Though it is one day after the direct alignment of the full moon, we are within orb of these powerful energies and still under their influence. We will continue to work with the expansive energy of this intense full moon in Leo. You will also have the opportunity to work with the medicine of Wolf as your ally to invoke your spirit tribe and energies to support your hopes and dreams manifesting.

Amidst this expansive energy it is important to find the balance in the expansion and outwardness. It will be important to take moments of inner spaces and rest so you can get the most out of this energy. Shamanic Journey is an excellent way to access your inner spaces and connect to the support of this full moon.

*** IF YOU CAN'T JOIN LIVE - THE SHAMANIC JOURNEY WILL BE RECORDED AND SENT OUT to all registered. If for any reason you cannot be present during the call you will be included in the healing and wisdom of the circle. Everyone registered will also receive a link within 24 hours where you can download the video at your convenience.

Shamanic Journey with the Wolf Full Moon in Leo

This will be a time of ceremony, clearing, reset, reflection, visioning, and illumination.

What to expect:

  • Gather on zoom in a sacred ceremony.
  • Clean and clear with smoke (palo santo, sage, sacred tobacco) virtually
  • Open a medicine wheel and call our allies.
  • Call in the ally of Wolf medicine, calling in tribe, loyalty, guardianship, teamwork, and wildness.
  • Shamanic Drum Journey to connect to the Wolf Moon call your allies for healing and visioning anew
  • Integration and recommendations for moving forward with this energy to support you.

Prior to Joining:

  • Make sure you have a good internet connection.
  • Check out the zoom link given to insure you are able to join at the appointed time.
  • Be in a quiet space, undisturbed for the entire hour we are together.
  • Set the container for the best experience you can imagine. Recommendations below:
    • Smudge your space beforehand.
    • Light a candle.
    • Sit in front of your altar or create one as focus for this moon.
    • Get any crystals, stones, and sacred objects you would like to have for your experience.
  • Beforehand sit and focus into your heart spaces on what you yearn for. What do you desire to create and experience as you move into 2024? What needs to be released so you can expand into greater joy and happiness? Do you have specific goals, hopes, and dreams you are calling in? Take time to write these things down with as much clarity as you can. If you aren't sure, lean into the essence of your hopes and dreams and call in clarity.

Unleash your Inner Wolf with the Wolf Full Moon in Leo (Direct Jan. 25th)
Theme of Playfulness, Self-Expression, Self-Worth, New Beginnings

The first full moon of the year represents new beginnings, possibilities, and fresh starts! It is time to HOWL your intentions, prayers, hopes, and dreams to the Universes! What goals, dreams, and true desires are you yearning to create anew? What are you willing to commit to? Are you ready to call forth your wolf tribe to help you manifest the life you truly desire? The Wolf Moon in Leo is an excellent time to weave your dreams to earth!

This full moon energy is powerful and can help to expand what you really want in life. What positive change is waiting for your YES? This moon's powerful energy wants to guide you to great fulfillment and success. Now is also an excellent time to communicate with your guides and angels. Have you asked for their support lately?

The Full Moon in Leo (sun in Aquarius) is a powerful energy that is rather joyous, exciting, and intense! This moon's square with Jupiter brings a feeling of being larger than life with the desire for expansion, growth, and new experiences. You may feel more social than usual and need to be out in the world with your ideas, creativity, and playfulness. Most of the planets are wonderfully aligned for being out in the world with the opportunities to enjoy the beauty of the moment (according to Astrologer Kyle Thomas.)

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I look forward to seeing you!

Blessings, Katherine

Katherine Skaggs is a shamanic practitioner, visionary artist, painter of souls, ceremonialist, and the multi-award-winning author of the COVR Book of the Year Artist Shaman Healer Sage

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