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Heart-FULL Living

Community by Katherine Skaggs

An Introduction to Shamanism
and Awakening the Heart
Thursday, Dec. 10th
6pm to 7pm

With Visionary Artist and Katherine Skaggs

By Donation!!

If you have wanted to know more about navigating life in balance, with more joy, and with a happy heart, please come!

Artist, intuitive, visionary and shamanic practitioner Katherine Skaggs will give an introduction to shamanism and the power of awakening the heart so you can live a more authentic and joyful life. Katherine will bring you into a sacred container of the heart and the wisdom of Life as a Sacred Ceremony. She will assist you in navigating your every day world, as well as holiday season with heart centered practices to lead the way.

If you are considering a soul portrait, spirit guide painting or the Leading with the Heart class with Katherine, you will enjoy this talk as an introduction to Katherine and her guidance for soul-full, heart centered living. You will also get a good dose of shamanic principles and a few practices to illuminate your heart for everyday joyfulness.

All are welcome. Come be blessed as you join in.

By Donation.


Artist Shaman Healer Sage Playshops presents

Leading with the Heart:
Shamanism for Everyday Life
Glenview, Illinois
Saturday, Dec. 12th
9am to Noon

Awakening Your Heart Light and Growing Your Dreams with Love

with Shamanic Practitioner Katherine Skaggs

This class is devoted to living life centered in the Heart Medicine found in ancient shamanic teachings that help us walk every day life as a sacred ceremony. You will learn about the teachings of the Medicine Wheel and specifically the medicine of the South.

The South awakens the medicine of the heart and shines a light on right relationship to all life. The South is the ally which opens and illuminates the authentic heart. It is the direction representing the the bright Solar light of the Summer sun, community and the heart. Learning to call upon the ally of the South within the map of the Medicine Wheel, is a call to open the heart; it is a call to clean and clear that which blocks and limits the heart; and it is a call to illuminate your most beautiful power of authenticity and love.

Within a safe and sacred container, you will have the opportunity to explore the drum as the instrument of the heart. You will also experience using shamanic drum journey as a way to clear old stories and woundings, and to gain support and guidance for illuminating the heart and soul light.

Additional teachings and exercises will be given to increase your havingness and joyfulness.

You will receive healing by simply participating in the class. You will also be empowered with transformative exercises and practices to infuse your heart with the light of your own authentic self.


Receive early bird pricing by registering by November 30th, 2015 before mid-night.

Regular Tuition  - $75
Dec. 1st to Dec. 12th full tuition due.

Scroll all the way down on the page to register for the class

Items to bring to class:

Water to drink and mid morning snacks if needed.

Journal and pen for reflecting and taking notes

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