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New Year's Eve Divination Mapping & Visioning for 2020
Tuesday, Dec. 31st - 6:30pm to 9:30pm
An evening of Divination and Visioning

Integrate, Celebrate and Say Good Bye to 2019,
Call in, Vision and Illuminate Possibility for 2020

New Years Eve Visioning and Divination Mapping is a Ceremony and Creative Visioning process with the assistance of oracle cards, tarot cards and divination systems. It is a place to say good-bye to 2019 in ceremonial style. It is a time of ending what has been, and squeezing all the juice out of your experiences so you can get the GOLD out of 2019. We will truly say good-by to no longer serves us, releasing with grace and composting the old.

Next we will use the Divination Mapping system to call forth the New Year of 2020, focusing the brightest light on possibility and potential beyond anything we can imagine! We will call all of our guides, helpers and spiritual masters to pave a clear path for support, manifestation and joy. We'll use curiosity, creativity with our intuitive, mystical selves for an evening founded on intentions and based in fun.

Divination Mapping is a term and process that Katherine learned from her dear soul sister Sage Holloway (author of the Mythical Goddess Tarot and Animal Healing and Vibrational Medicine.) The process incorporates ceremony, creativity, intuition, and a variety of divination tools to integrate the movement from one annual cycle into the next. A map is created for the understanding and integration of 2019, as well as release of all you want to leave in the past. Then a divination/visioning map is created for the invocation of a beautiful and potent 2020. In this process we invoke our guides and allies to assist us in creating positive and potent experiences, as well as to reveal the patterns we are working with, so we can gain support and clarity for the best outcomes in riding the energies at hand.

This will be an empowering and fun evening that guides you in harvesting all the juice from the year 2019, while setting intentions and gaining guidance for creating a fantastic new year in 2020. Join together with like minded community to set a clear and strong path for your New Year, invoking blessings and illumination. How good can it get? What if you really can know and create better than you have believed before?

Bring Tarot Cards, Oracle Decks, Runes, Divination Tools
and Colored Pens/Pencils:

Bring your own divination tools such as oracle decks, tarot cards, runes, blessing cards, etc. Special colored pens or pencils if you have them.

Be prepared to open the wisdom and knowledge of your own soul path. You are able to see more deeply into your life, and this process will assist you in finding more of your power, as well as understanding how you can create more intentionally a beautiful life.

What is Provided?

Katherine will also provide an array of various oracle cards, tarot decks (including the Mythical Goddess Tarot), angel cards, and runes, etc. as well as the art supplies for the mapping process.

You will also be served with hot tea, cider and holiday treats for the evening.

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