I would like to introduce you to two very dear friends of mine, Steve Skudler and Sharon Myrah.

Steve was a Certified Massage Therapist for 12 years and Sharon has been a Healing Touch Certified Practitioner for over 20 years.  When Steve wasn’t working as a massage therapist, he was creating music.

When Steve and Sharon met in 2004, their passion for the healing arts and their creativity was given free rein.  Through their combined passions, they formed a business together, www.twinflamesproduction.com.  Together, they created the music they craved for their practices.  The music is relaxing and healing.  Their goal was to create music that not only supported client sessions, but also supported the individual listener.  Steve eventually retired from massage to compose and produce music fulltime.

There are several things that make their music unique.  Not only is it relaxing and healing as it blends different soundscapes with beautiful instrumentation, Steve creates a wave form in the music.  This can help bring your body back into its natural rhythm, which helps create more stillness and inner peace.

Steve and Sharon’s biggest desire is that once you experience their music, you will feel the calming effects and then share it with your family, friends and clients. It absolutely supports all forms of healing.


They want to gift you with a free download of their music, when you sign up for their monthly newsletter, News You Can Use (where they share information on different ways to use music, oils and stones).  Listen for the gentle waveform in the music!


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