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HAPPY Feb. 1st - Imbolc, the New Moon, AND the Lunar New Year!!

Imbolc is the Celtic celebration of the Irish Goddess Brigid, corresponding to the Gaelic Fire Festivals to celebrate the coming of Spring (the day falling halfway between the Spring equinox and Winter solstice.)

This year Imbolc falls on the New Moon AND the Lunar New Year! It is the perfect time to set intentions for new, and expansive ways of being, new life! What projects do you want to bring to life? What energies do you desire to give light to?

As Imbolc traditionally signals the end of the worst of winter and the beginning of spring, it is a wonderful time to relax, let go, and focus love and excitement for the potent new life coming to you now.

Call upon the goddess Brigid today, the great Irish goddess of the hearth, healing, poetry, artistry, and blacksmithing. In the Mythical Goddess Tarot Brigid is the 14th Major Arcana Card, Alchemy (inspired by the ART card in the Thoth tarot deck.) Here Brigid inspires you to find your own creative spark of inspiration, letting it blend with the alchemical powers of the Divine Creative Force to manifest the power of beauty in your life.

Welcome the Goddess Brigid to assist you/all of us in transforming our world through your Divine creative spark. May she bring the illumination of her fire and artistry to support each of us as we leave the challenges of winter behind and welcome the promise of spring, and the light returning into our lives.

With the combined energies of Imbolc, the New Moon, and the Lunar New Year know that change is upon us. The light is returning and we are budding into a new time. Join me in the light with love.

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Blessings and Inspiration from the upcoming
Masters of Light Wisdom Oracle coming mid-2022.

As part of my offering for February 1st, Imbolc, the New Moon, and the Lunar New Year — BIG ENERGY—from the Masters of Light Wisdom Oracle coming mid 2022, I invite the medicine of Alchemy and Archangel Uriel to work with Brigid. Let us light the fires of our hearts, that we may purify and make sacred the life we have lived so far. Let this sacred fire break open the seeds of the new that we may be abundant in our new cycles unfolding. Abundant in love, in community, in joy, in good health, in all our relations, and in all we create.

Archangel Uriel is the angel of wisdom, Divine light, and fire that purifies. Expect life to be fully transformed as Uriel brings the alchemical, purifying powers of the Phoenix Rising into every part of your being.

Be not afraid, for Archangel Uriel brings light into the darkness, the mystery, and the unknown. It is time to put your fears, and old ways of life into the fire that purifies and transforms. It is time to let go.

Uriel’s fire and light are born from the highest, most Divine energies of unconditional love. Let this intense light and love clean and purify your heart from sorrow and distress. This will restore the peace within yourself as you are then able to reconnect to your own Divinity.

Out of the ashes of old dreams comes new life. Trust in the process. Connect to the Light and be reassured in your healing process.

It is time for great change. What is in need of purification in your life? What is dull, lacking light, mundane, and void of magic?
Archangel Uriel offers all you need to shapeshift and alchemize your life. Call upon him now to assist you in bringing new life through the release of the old.

Refocus in this fiery light and you will find the wisdom and love needed to bring new life. As your heart let’s this purifying light in, you will discover the most beautiful blessings that come from the ashes of the greatest disappointments.You are on the spiritual path to enlightenment as you move out of the darkness into the light.

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Fire Ceremony

With Imbolc, the New Moon, and the Lunar New Year coinciding, it is a great time for a fire ceremony. Call upon Brigid and Archangel Uriel to assist you in bringing the light into all areas of your life, birthing new realities as you transform and release what has been. With this there is a great expansion of Divine, creative energy, that purifies and gives birth to new realities.

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With much love, Katherine Skaggs

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