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As we begin February 2021 what do we need to know, and focus on to begin the month and to create anew? The word courage comes to mind as I focus on the cards. So I ask the Mythical Goddess Tarot how to proceed for the highest and best outcomes.

Maiden of Seas - Passion from the Mythical Goddess TarotMaiden of Seas - Passion

The Maiden of Seas, the Passion card is in the very center of this spread. She tells me we need to first of all focus on our heart spaces and the passion we carry for our lives. Focus on our heart's desires, to give us the courage to 'go for it', whatever 'it' is. Our heart's know the way. They are the portal to our soul selves and will guide us where we need to go with the power of the heart and our connection to our very soul purpose.

Major Arcana Goddess Mother Mary - Sacrifice Mother

To the left of Passion is Mother Mary, the Sacrifice card. She tells us we need to let go of all that we are attached to that is dying and outmoded, devoid of spirit. Let go and trust the eternal life that is within you and all your relations, and move beyond any ways you live in the past, or look to past structures that no longer support you and your growth. Trust, faith, and hope are very much part of this card. Mary knows that we are so much bigger than our finite human existence. Tap into your heart spaces, your passion, and trust that your love and your spirit will show you the way, as you trust your heart. Work with the powers of unconditional love for yourself, and you can extend that to each person in your life and all your circumstances. As you trust your heart and soul's desires, releasing attachment to old form, you will be able to move forward with trust that what you desire flows to you in right timing.

White Buffalo Calf Woman major arcana sacred fire Mythical Goddess TarotMajor Arcana Goddess White Buffalo Calf Woman - Sacred Fire

To the right of Passion is the beautiful, sacred White Buffalo Calf Woman. She reminds us that all life is sacred and holy. As we honor our hearts, releasing attachment to all form devoid of life, we more easily can embrace the holy life that we are all here to live. Look for the beauty and sacredness in all life and you will restore this in yourself at all levels. Let go of the things that separate you from your heart spaces. Purify your thoughts, emotions, spirit, and physical being through prayer, with fire ceremony, and offerings to the earth and Spirit. With the support of these energies we have the opportunity to return to sacredness in our lives and how we meet one another in a more harmonious way.

May these beautiful blessings enfold you.
In deep gratitude and much respect. Katherine Skaggs

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