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Here's a 5-card Mythical Goddess Tarot reading for navigating the energies of February 2018.

Who We Are Entering February 2018.
3 of Seas - Compassion

The month we have the 3 of Seas, Compassion in the center of the spread, which represents who are are entering into February 2018. This card points us to our hearts and our ability to bring compassion to the world. This card's energy of compassion is an important gift we have to help us navigate the expansion and change we are coming into. We have the ability to be heart centered and compassionate and need that energy to guide us for this time. Most of all, use that gift toward ourselves, then we can direct compassion toward everyone we meet.

The Overview.
3 of Earth - Works

The 3 of Earth, Works, is the energy of the big picture this month. That tells me we are bringing our dreams to earth as we take action on all we have been hoping and dreaming. You will find yourself busy this month taking both small and large actions to fulfill what you have been dreaming up these last months, or even larger cycles. You will find yourself working every aspect, from intentions, hopes and dreams to your mental thoughts, to your emotional responses and to your physical activity. Be prepared to work every part of your life and stay in flow, allowing your biggest hopes and dreams to come fully to Earth!

Mother of Fire - Regeneration

The Mother of Fire, Regeneration tells me that we are entering into a time where we are challenged to take care of ourselves as we enter the fires of transformation and healing. This Mother of Fire is here to purify you and clean away anything that gets in your way of health, well-being, success and happiness. Take time to breathe, do kundalini yoga, fire ceremony and other fiery activities to release to the fire anything disharmonic so you are able to raise your frequency and come into greater balance. Take time for you amidst this activity to return to your heart fire.

9 of Fire - Integrity

The 9 of Fire, Integrity is here to let you know it is time to honor yourself, your true inner heart passion, your higher knowing and being, and bring it fully into every part of your life. Know what is your internal truth from the highest most sacred place, and express that in every part of your life. This fire card is connected to the Mother of Fire in the lessons section here, and is urging you to completely purify yourself of anything that is not fully aligned with your highest expression. Burn away and let go of all that limits your happiness and truth, and you will expand in joy and harmony in every part of your life.

Maiden of Seas - Passion

If we heed these messages, we will find ourselves fully illuminated in the passion and joy of your emotional selves and heart spaces. The Maiden of Seas, Passion is a beautiful sign that we are given the opportunity to come fully into our heart's passion and fulfillment. Be compassionate, take action on your dreams, purify yourself from what limits you, stay true and you will find fulfillment within the heart and soul of your being.


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