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Focusing Through the Heart

Lady Nada Ascended Master by Katherine SkaggsFocusing Through the Heart

Guidance and Tips for Chaotic Times

Regularly life reminds me of the importance of focus and where I put my attention each day, each hour and each breath.

In the world around us with so many challenges, from the news of floods, volcanoes, earthquakes, human tragedy, to the tenuous political environment, we are each faced with how we will react, respond and show up each day. There is a greater polarity of experiences, points of views and responses.

Do you focus your response through criticism, fear, intellect, denial, ignoring or do you find your compassionate heart along the way? Are you being bombarded by pain and suffering, or are you thriving in your world? Are you crushed by the human issues around you, or are you living in happiness and joy?

Learning to be more masterful with the power of your focus and the power of choice can change everything for you in a positive way. The world climate of fear is an energy leak. If we give our attention to it and let it rock our world negatively, it creates energy loss. This in turn creates a loss of power, draining your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual resources.

With practice, we can close up the energy leak and open to the life giving forces of Spirit found in the Cosmos, the Universe, Mother Earth, the Stars, the Sun, the Moon... Focusing through the heart, rather than the head, brings compassion and a path of possibility, a path of hope and healing.

Focus through the heart, through the energy of love, and shift everything experienced as pain and fear. The quality and energy of love forgives the mistakes and hardships, and brings us into the center of Spirit, into the presence of wellness. It allows us to flow, rather than to be stuck in fear, lack or stubbornness for what has been created in our world. It offers a place of flexibility and possibility where we can dream anew with support.

Creating an Altar to Focus Your Heart Spaces

Use an altar to help you focus on love, on possibility and the power of Spirit. Click here to read more about how to do build an altar and use it as part of your spiritual practices.

During these times it is equally important to call in support, to ask for help from a more powerful energy (such as a teacher, a healer, or Mother Earth and Father Sky).

Tree of Life Visualization

To work with the energies of the Cosmos and Mother Earth, click here to read more about a Tree of Life visualization that will assist you.

I was reminded this weekend of a buddhist teaching that is most appropriate when speaking of these human journeys. "Pain is part of the human experience. Suffering is optional."

Be well, be kind to yourself and others, drop down into your heart, and know that you are the blessing that changes your world and the larger landscape of all life as you simple love.

Be still, be love, be blessed and be the blessing wherever you go.

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