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What do we need to know this full moon in Libra, April 16, 2022? Easter, Passover, and Ramadan also align with this energy the next few days. What is our message and how do we navigate! Where are we headed as we flow with the energy of the moon.

The three card spread with a Bonus card that fell into the 3-card spread!

Mary Magdalene - Initiation

Mary Magdalene is initiating us into our Divine Feminine Christ light, that we may bless our lives as sacred, and move forward in wisdom and frequency of the Christ energy in us. This is to open us as vessels for love, compassion, grace, and acceptance. She is here to help us clear the past through love and wisdom, uniting in our Divinity.

Child of Seas - Innocence

The Child of Seas is about new beginnings, innocence, and navigating your waters of life (your emotions and all of life). She reflects that you are safe even if the emotional self and life flow has been a tsunami! You are protected and safe as you heal. Trust to take care of yourself and that new beginnings are born out of this time.

9 of Wind - Criticism

The Wind is the mental suit, with the 9 of Wind reflecting the harsh energies of judgement and criticism. This card wants us to see the how destructive the harsh, judgmental, and critical energies are in ourselves and in others. These are toxic mental energies within and around us that we need to clean with love and forgiveness so we may expand and be born anew in love. We must be brutally honest and yet compassionate to heal.

Goddess Amaterasu - The SunSun

This Goddess is the Sun, the light that returns after darkness, who brings us and all of our world into beauty. Amaterasu is the light within our very being! It is time to shine your light, and to look for the light within all of your experiences!

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