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Full Moon in Aquarius Sunday, August 22nd Reading

The full moon in Aquarius Sunday, August 22nd is a rare Blue Moon, conjunct with Jupiter. This is an excellent moon to connect to the energy of optimism, good fortune, luck, generosity, success... from the physical material world, to your personal relationships, to your spiritual growth. With the fullness of this moon look for an expansive energy in beautiful ways that bring happiness and contentment. Do be aware at the same time how the Sun is opposite Jupiter, potentially lighting up any patterns of greed, arrogance, lust, and being ungrounded. Stay in gratitude for all the blessings that come your way, and be present to what you have and what is given. This will help you avoid disappointment keep you present to the blessings that are abundantly yours

Join Katherine Skaggs, intuitive, artist of the Mythical Goddess Tarot, to gain awareness of the energies in this cycle of the Full Moon and how to best take advantage of it for growth, blessings, and greater harmony in how you navigate the chaos of our times and this particular cycle.

WHO AM I/WE as we enter this cycle

3 of Seas - Compassion

Trust the wisdom of your heart. Your heart knows the medicine of Compassion, no matter how polarized and strange the world is. You have this medicine. It is within you now, and most likely has been cultivated from your current life's journey. This is a foundational energy for you to navigate this moon cycle. It is one of your blessings.

Goddess Pele - Purification

Another blessing that you have within your very being now is the medicine of the Goddess Pele. She is here to remind you that you have what you need to clean away anything within yourself and in your world that is not respectful to your being. Do a fire ceremony to burn away the old patterns that are not loving or harmonious.

Sophia - Wise Woman

Another medicine or blessing that you have as you enter this cycle is Divine Wisdom. Every experience brings the opportunity for wisdom. Go within and trust the higher wisdom that brings peace and balance, that brings abundance and expansion.


8 of Wind - Confusion

Know that this gemini mental energy reminds us that we are going to be challenged with knowing the way if we rely on our mental acumen. Polarization, right and wrong, "do I do this or that?" are all up for us now as we move through this expansive jupiter energy. The mental energy can be confusing so make sure to go to your spiritual self, your heart spaces, and your intuitive knowing to enjoy the blessings of this moon and jupiter conjunction.

9 of Earth - Community

Even in the confusion, we are being encouraged to gather in circles with the light, or spiritual truth, as your focus. Come together in person to illuminate your physical and spiritual selves. Unite in common heart and soul purpose. It is time, even in our challenges, to unite with a higher purpose that pleases us in all ways. This is an earth card, so it does encourage gathering in our physical world.

Mother Mary - Sacrifice

We are in a time of releasing old, finite ways of being so we can enjoy the expansive energies that offer us a more beautiful and harmonious way of being. Mother Mary reminds us that we are eternal and this is the place of learning through experience. She also offers us the highest frequencies of Unconditional Love to assist us in our growth with greater ease and grace.


6 of Wind - Intention

This card tells me that it may be challenging in this cycle to stop and go within to reflect, to re-imagine, and to dream a new reality with clarity of mind, prayerfulness, and clear intention. It is our homework, and probably our challenge to actually make space to do so.

3 of Fire - De-Light

No matter the challenges, you are being called to practice focusing on the light and being De-Lighted... full of light, no matter how dark or grey life may be. Connect to your inner light, be present, and you will be more illuminated no matter the world around you.

White Buffalo Calf Woman - Sacred Fire

The lesson is that Life is Sacred, all is sacred — all people, all experiences, everything. White Buffalo Calf Woman calls you into sacred ceremony every day, every breath. How can you be the one who carries the peace pipe? How can you purify your thoughts, your emotions, your body? Now is a time to become more masterful as a spirit in a Divine Play as Human. It is time to grow spiritually through your earth experiences.


7 of Earth - Failure

This warning card says to cut loose of all things in your world that does not give life. This is an Earth card, so this is about what is in your physical world. What is dead in your life? What doesn't give life? Compost that which is not giving you life. Choose life and what is creating life. Move on.

8 of Seas - Depletion

Another warning card representing emotional depletion. The action is to acknowledge all places where you have overextended yourself emotionally, or where you are out of balance and depleted emotional. Tend to yourself here, as well as your physical reality so you don't go down. If you are already emotional exhausted, take a break. Stop! Give yourself a massage, a spa day, a day in silence and self care. Otherwise you may find yourself sick and completely out of balance.

Goddess Yemaya - Oracle

Go within - Trust your intuition! Trust your inner, subconscious knowing. Take time to go within. Go to the higher octaves of the Divine within and around, to your spiritual knowing. Breathe. Feel. Sense. Go to the higher intuitive sense of knowing through love.


Lilith - Power

The ancient Sumerian Goddess Lilith represents the return to our empowered self, on all levels, born of the same Divine substance as all beings. Follow the guidance to return to freedom. These times are here to assist us in clearing the old so we can return to the Divine power within us in all of our lives.

6 of Seas - Pleasure

We are on the path to return to our emotional pleasure. How yummy can life be? As you return to your power you are also returning to your emotional yumminess. It is the embodiment and enjoyment of the Divine!

Child of Wind - Consciousness

We are waking up! Returning to our Divine Child, who imagines possibility and new ways of being. A beautiful part of our true nature is awaiting us in our journey as we are being activated through this full moon cycle.

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