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Written by Patricia Liles; contact her at  

Full Moon:  Sun in Aries; Moon in Libra 27º, Sunday, April 17, 2011 8:45 PM MDT

Each sign is paired with its opposite in the zodiac and Full Moon is when we feel and see this polarity at its height.  Of course, a SuperMoon only intensifies this effect, and all three of our Full Moons so far this year have been SuperMoons - closest to the Earth and in close alignment with the Sun and Earth.  We will see this SuperMoon effect again in September, October, November*.  Now, Libra is revealed in its fullness.  As Aries brings the spark of creation into manifestation through the creation of Self, Libra marks the turning point of consciousness away from the self and towards relationship with Other creating partnership, cooperation, balance and harmony.  Although, Libra is a masculine, air sign mental in its expression, it is ruled by feminine Venus and the refinement and appreciation of the social graces, study and practice of the arts, and the highest ethics of business and commerce are highlighted.  Libra will tolerate no less, and when etiquette has been breached expect a whirlwind of dissatisfaction, 'an iron fist in a velvet glove' until harmony is again restored.  Harmonization is its primary function and Libra rules the kidneys/lower back eliminating impurities.

We find Saturn in Libra now until November 2012 where it is exalted and well placed and able to teach us how to focus our mental attention on the ideals of truth, fairness and justice, eliminate distractions of fear, negativity, and dominance and keep our path clear towards what we want to create with all the energy available now.  In spiritual retreat, there often comes the time when deep work has yielded the rise of great energy.  It's almost intoxicating and the desire is to release the pressure through joyous laughter, talking, etc. but that is the point to listen to the voice of the teacher and to continue to practice and focus and build the energy and bring it upward for higher expression.  Saturn is playing the role of the teacher here in opposing and balancing all the energy and planets in Aries this spring.

While feminine Venus rules this Libra Moon, aggressive, masculine Mars is the ruler of the Sun in Aries.  And with the help of four additional planets in Aries (Sun Jupiter, Mercury, Uranus) the masculine/feminine polarity is once again lit up and accentuated for our attention.  There's an opportunity and a mandate to allow our relationships to be brought into balance.  There's a dance of forgiveness that begs to be completed here as we spiral to the next level of consciousness.  The entrance of Uranus into Aries has sparked manifestations of deep anger emerging from long held patterns of oppression. both collectively and personally.  It's in the collective soup and even those normally balanced individuals can be feeling the rough tongue of anger flare unexpectedly as they express what is being collectively released from accumulated lifetimes and previous centuries at the old, denser frequencies.

Venus, the feminine voice, and a ruler of this chart squares the North/South Node axis.  She wants her grievances aired and received before moving on.  Reconciliation and forgiveness are due.  The North Node represents our spiritual learning edge and the South Node is what we have brought from the past.  So 'no blame', but communicate, acknowledge and move on.

Fortunately, Saturn exactly opposes Mars within a day of this Full Moon holding the impulsive, warrior nature of Mars in Aries in check with the wisdom of an elder and suggesting where he might better use and express his energies:

It's interesting to note that two weeks ago, the Sun and Moon exactly opposed Saturn and now Mars has stepped into that position.  The same is true for Venus squaring the Nodes; at New Moon, Mar/Uranus held that position.  The cosmos is saying (repeatedly for the denser two-leggeds on the planet) pay attention to these themes.

There are gifts to be had.  The Full Moon and South Node are also in a Grand Trine relationship formed with Neptune newly moved into compassionate, watery Pisces.  Chiron is there too coupled with Neptune and facilitating the healing of old, deep wounds that reveal spiritual wisdom when released.  Lots of support and help is seen in this Full Moon Libra/Aries chart to create balance and integrity at all levels of relationship.  Sacred geometry is the language of Spirit and the ease and grace of the Grand Trine is expanded by the Sun's position opposite one corner of the triangle forming a Kite.  The opposition gives the Trine direction and awareness and a practical and productive focus.  It's a beautiful alignment and fitting for Libra's love of creativity and balance in action.  We can use the Full Moon time to reach our own love and access those inner frequencies of harmony.  Not to be wasted on dissonant activity and distraction.

Pluto spent last weekend going retrograde (until Sept.).  As Lord of the Underworld, he wants us to look within for our own tsunamis, earth quaking events and source for transformation.  Exhale and stop waiting for the other shoe to drop.  This transformation is coming forth from the intimacy with yourself.  Pluto retrograde makes it so.  Rebirth from the ashes of the old is the symbol like spring is reborn from winter.  We are witnesses and players in one of the major transitions of recorded time.

04/20  Sun enters Taurus/Venus enters Aries
04/23  Mercury goes direct
05/03  New Moon in Taurus 12º 12:51 AM MDT

*Nov. 24 SuperNew Moon/Solar Eclipse Thanksgiving in USA

Written by Patricia Liles; contact her at

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