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Full Moon Jungle Redemption-9x12Full Moon Jungle Redemption was painted deep in the jungles of Peru at the Yarapa Art School, on the Yarapa tributary off of the Amazon river early July 2015. Once again  I was on a shamanic retreat, or shall I say "ADVENTURE!". This retreat, however, I struck off on my own to join a native Peruvian plant medicine and visionary shamanic sister artist, Casilda Pinche Sanchez. My shamanic adventure was filled with many more obstacles, challenges and opportunities for growth it seemed than my previous six trips to the jungle with my shamanic teachers, or that is what I like to tell myself. From language barriers, cultural differences, third world sanitation conditions and being the only white girl in the jungle, I definitely got the opportunity to let go of hucha (bad energy and attitudes), as well as fill myself with the true beauty and power the jungle had to offer. 

Anyone devoted to the shamanic path knows that shamanic adventures are not romantic and necessarily easy, but they are vast in the opportunities to come into one's power and wisdom if you will take ownership every experience. After all, in shamanism, a core principle is that "I am dreaming my reality! As are you! We are the dreamers of EVERYTHING!" Another core principle is that "All is well, no matter the appearances of things!" So no matter how challenged I was on this adventure, just as I have been in many other shamanic adventures, I gained another opportunity to dream a little better and to know all was well or good, no matter the illusion I would wrangle with that I called challenging. A very clear guidance was that I needed to add a few significant details to my dream to raise the quality of my experiences!

Full Moon Jungle Redemption came right at the full moon, exactly when I needed her, and about a week into my 14 day stay. She came to bring healing, and to restore my heart energy, to restore my innocence, my purity and true inner beauty. This was not in spite of my challenges, but in transformation of my perception of my experiences. She came to help me forgive that which was challenging and hard within what I was experiencing as a harsh yet beautiful environment.

The imagery and energy of Full Moon Jungle Redemption brought me the restorative medicines I needed exactly at that moment. She offers inner awareness, innocence, purity, protection, wisdom, trust and sacred transformation. Her inward state comes in union with the powerful Divine Feminine medicine of the jungle.

The female in the painting represents the blending of the innocence and purity of the inner golden child with the young woman entering into her power. She is focused on the cup of sacred tea she is about to drink, in an inner reflective, and prayerful state. As this painting came into form, the word Redemption came into my mind, telling me the power and medicine this painting brings.

The other medicines that came forth in this painting are that of the Amazon river, again with pink dolphin as my Jaguar Woman painting that came first, and that of mermaid. The Amazon river is the river of life, the pink dolphin this time brings humor and love, offering a lightening up of the situation that has been intense. And the mermaid brings protection with honesty to the situation. She reminds me the 3-D reality is a dream, and to wake up and to nourish my self with the love and vast energy all around me, and within me.

Again, jaguar is present, arising from the energy of the cup of sacred brew. Jaguar's spirit, again reminds me that there is great protection and guidance always, and in all ways. To the right arising out the the cup are vibrant, chacruna leaves, to activate the spirit molecule DMT and bring great vision. Also arising on the right and overhead is the Ayahuasca vine, or vine of the soul. The sacred vine and the chacruna leaves create the magical brew (in the cup) of grandmother ayahuasca, a revered visionary plant medicine used by the indigenous Amazonian peoples to bring healing, vision and alignment with the highest soul’s expression.

The full moon shines the reflective light of the inner self, the subconscious, upon the beautiful maiden, bringing illumination beyond the darkness. Within the energy sparks and forms on the right above the chacruna leaves you can see the owl eyes, peering through the dimensions, again bringing protection and cleaning for this one, and for all who partake of this imagery.

If you have been called to this imagery, call Full Moon Jungle Redemption and her medicines into your heart, to restore your purity and innocence, and to call forth great protection and wisdom to guide you upon your path, unscathed by the illusion and challenges of physical world, or ordinary reality. Invoke this medicine to redeem and restore you at the deepest soul levels, bringing you present to your power and presence to dream your life with nothing but love.

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