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The Gemini New Moon June 13th, 2018 reading with Katherine Skaggs and the Mythical Goddess Tarot.

The New Moon is a time of reset as we complete the energies of the Full Moon cycle. This New Moon in Gemini brings focus to communication and duality. Gemini's ruler Mercury is in early degrees of Cancer conjoining the Sun and Moon in Gemini, giving an important message to connect and communicate through an emotionally open and receptive place. This energy fits perfect with the 2 of Water, or Love card that shows up in Who We Are Going into the New Moon Energies (below). This New Moon reset promises pleasure and possibility that supports us shining our true soul light to the world.

Who We Are As We Enter the New Moon

The 2 of Seas - Love

This card signifies that we have loving support and play at hand as we enter the New Moon June 13th, 2018.

Take advantage of this playful loving energy as you set your intentions and dream anew.

Child of Wind - Consciousness

As we enter the New Moon energies it is time to claim our abilities to fly high in our thoughts and dreams for the next weeks.

Raise your frequency by dreaming BIG and POSSIBLE.

10 of Wind - Illusion

We also must face our illusory fears that cloud true reality. The Light is BRIGHT behind this huddled, raincoat clad child with only 10 drops of rain. Turn to the light when you are facing the shadow, and know the light is much brighter. This card is a reality check as you move to new possibility.

Let go of the dark and the shadow by simply turning your attention to the light.

The Big Picture

6 of Seas - Pleasure

This next cycle is about moving into emotional pleasure, openheartedness and the light. Enjoy yourself as the energies unfold. Center in your heart's pleasures.

Choose pleasure and know it is yours to experience now!

Ix Chel - The Moon

The Mayan Moon Goddess Ix Chel reminds you to go within to your inner worlds, or subconscious, to plant your seeds of possibility. Ix Chel lis fertility and the power of creativity.

Dream big and plant seeds of possibility, love, joy, beauty and hope all aligned with your inner dreams and desires.

Maiden of Wind - Clarity

Once you know what is in your heart, focus it clearly through your mind's eye.

Keep your focus clear and you will create more clearly and powerfully, taking advantage of the New Moon's power for reseting and creating.

Challenges and Lessons

3 of Seas - Compassion

As things shift and change you have the opportunity to be more heart centered and compassionate toward yourself and others.

Keep this in mind as you move out of the old and toward new realities for yourself. Be kind, compassionate and forgiving.

Gaia - The World

Mother Earth is our Mother and our Teacher. She reminds us to align with her as Mother, with her as provider and nurturer. There is a reset where we as humans must learn to honor her waters, her foods, her power spots and so forth. She will continue to clean the planet of our effects if we do not align with her.

Choose recycling, and low impact methods of living on the earth. Learn sustainability and practice it. Buy foods locally. Stop poisons and weed killers. Eat organics. Come home to Mother Earth as medicine and you will find she gives all you need.

Pleiadian Star Goddess

The Star - Sitting aside The World and Mama Gaia, the Pleiadian Star Goddess reminds you too that all is given from Heaven to Earth. Being in the Challenges and Lessons section, she tells me it is time we pay attention to our Divine Guidance and soul's purpose amidst the journey of the next weeks.

Align with our higher purpose in this reset time, dream our dreams aligned with our soul's purpose, ask for assistance in regards to our soul's purpose, and the mundane will fall in place.


4 of Seas - Desire

As you set your intentions with this New Moon energy, focus deeply into your heart and soul desires. Let the power of your lunar, subconscious heart center give energy and light to your true desires.

Your heart is where your true pearls live.

Aditi - The Great Void

Focus those heartfelt desires right into the Cosmic Great Void. This Hindu Goddess Aditi signals great possibility and potential. Take advantage of this by aligning to your heart and soul desires.

The message keeps repeating, so know this is a grand time to plant seeds and bring new potentials into form.

Pele - The Purifier

While planting seeds of possibility, be ruthless is letting go and burning away the things that no longer fit in your world. Pele, the Hawaiian Goddess of Volcanoes comes to clean away in particular all places you have dishonored yourself and your world, or have been dishonored by others. Be proactive and clean closets, leave terrible situations, jobs and relationships that are harmful.

Let go, and  you will have plenty of room for all your new life to manifest.


8 of Seas - Depletion

Warning! As we move through the energies the next few weeks we need to take time to care for our emotional needs, and how that affects our physical lives. Take down time amidst creating anew. Schedule a massage, a healing session, meditation, and walks in nature. By doing so you may stave off illness or other emotional upset that wipes you out.

This is a warning so you don't have to go there. Choose wisely.

Amaterasu - The Sun

The beautiful, Shinto Sun Goddess is an omen of change and alignment of the Higher Soul Self and the personality to the full, true beautiful expression you are.

Things are looking up and positive outcomes are most likely, which support you in shining brightly the truth of your being!

5 of Seas - Cleansing

For you to get to the beautiful shining being that you are, be assured it will involve cleansing at deep, emotional levels. This frees you of heaviness and lightens your heart, so you can shine joyful to the world.

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