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Light and love flood in on each canvas. It begins before I pick up the brush. It is happening when I am just getting out of bed, praying for a sign today. ·God, show me the way. Give me a sign that this is what I am supposed to do.

And, as always, God brings the bright, beautiful God-sparks into my life to teach me about faith. Everyone believes that it is I who sits and reflects the beautiful God-spark to each one of my clients. Yet, they are my angels, coming to sit with me so I will remember God in their every smile and their beautiful love that flows forth to teach me faith.

·Wake up Katherine. See the beauty in each one of us. We are here to show you true love, God·s love. We are always around you and with you. Do you remember?·

·We remember you. We have never forgotten you, nor any of God·s children. We are here every day, bringing beauty into your life, into your world. Beauty lives in the eyes of each of us, regardless how scared we feel as humans, we are still the light and the love of God, each and every one of us.·

·You agreed to come to look into our eyes and to act as a mirror for God·s love. You see us, each and every one of us. You are a messenger, as are we. All of us are God·s messengers. Our laughter and our tears are here to remind us of the magnificence of God in every moment. We are pure creation.·

·There are no mistakes · only God·s whispers in the wind, moving through the ethers, ebbing and flowing with the tides of the day. The winds are but the movement from the wings of the angels who flutter by all day and night.·

You were blessed today as you saw the love and the beauty in each person who sat with you. You were their gift. And, they were your gift. This is the gift of humanity. Touch it always. Reach out and love, as you are loved. Be not only the mirror, but be the beautiful image in the mirror. Be it. For you are it! You are the love, the light and the love.

Allow your heart to break wide open. Do not be afraid of this radiance that you are. For you are here to give it to others so they will remember the love of their true essence.

We are brothers and sisters coming into the love of our true God heart. It is the time of this world to live in beauty and love.

All rights reserved by Katherine Skaggs © 2006. Please do not reproduce without permission.

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