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by Sage Holloway

Just Over the Threshold:
Change Your Behavior to Resolve Inner Conflict,
Ride the Winds of Change and Ascend through the Death of What No Longer Serves You

Massive change is the foundation of our transit into this new year and the month ahead. We individually and collectively must have Vision to not only guide us through these tumultuous times but to get where we want to go on the other side! We are in the times of the greatest karmic retribution in the history of the planet, so we must speak the truth and walk our talk.

Our challenges in January are very personal, and relate to the need to face the numb areas of our heart where we have refused to feel, and trust spirit to bring us all we need and desire without MAKING it happen. Time to face and root out our control issues, wherever we are most afraid to trust that all is well and we will be safe regardless of appearance. The key is staying in the moment and taking action in regards to caring for ourselves, our family, friends and community. And speaking of cimmunity, we are in the times of finding our true family on Earth. We aren’t supposed to do this Earth Walk alone! With clear boundaries on what we will accept in our lives from others and our intuition leading the way, our community around us will support us as never before.

As this timeline progresses so rapidly and pointedly, we all must keep the eagle eye on our behavior and our choices, aligning with nothing less than the highest frequency. Being in the Age of Kali is all about letting old forms and behaviors die, letting us ascend. These old forms, jobs and most of all relationships can be the anchors that drown us…time to release!And then we can renew in the sanctuary of our sacred space, within and without. Onward!

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