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Goddess Forecast October 2011

by Sage Holloway

Forgiveness, Discernment and Identity

As the human race continues to move with increasing velocity towards our individual and collective destiny, our path becomes easier and clearer as we each surrender our human baggage through loving forgiveness and continued effort in staying centered through the chaos of the times.

It is more and more essential to not be fooled by what our minds tell us is truth. We have many ways of perceiving. What is our heart telling us? How much do we let our intuition guide us? Discernment is crucial, and is easier when we are not attached to our old way of being.

The human race is on the Chariot path…either to our highest goals of love and honorable achievement, or downward into despair and insanity. We stay on course through our internal work, consistent spiritual practice, and fun, creative expression in all we do. Our path is the lion path of courage.

As I brought through last month which bears repeating, the greatest gifts come on the cycles of seeming loss and tragedy. Pay attention! Are your decisions throughout the day assisting your ascension trajectory, or taking you into the downward spiral of the illusion of pain and loss?

The internal and global battle continues to be with the self-active mind, as criticism and worry come to the surface. The voice of the angry mind will get louder as we make choices that hand the reins of control to Spirit. Whether we succeed or fail is up to us, and has everything to do with our identity. Our choices reveal who we believe we are. Our actions display whether we honor the truth of our spirit or the human chaos and drama so increasingly prevalent on Earth.

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