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Here is the guidance from the Mythical Goddess Tarot for this next cycle of July 2017. What do we need to know? How do we proceed and what energies shall we expect to engage as we create our lives this month? The guidance of the Mythical Goddess Tarot lends insights to who we are and what the bigger picture is. It also encourages us to claim we are the creators of our lives, and gives us guidance for how to handle our lessons as well as how to claim our gifts.

Six of Wind - Intention
0 - The Fool - Uzume
Six of Fire - Forgiveness

Who We Are as we enter July 2017 —  the center of this 15 card spread — Goddess Uzume, 0 Fool; Intention, 6 of Wind; and Forgiveness, 6 of Fire.

Uzume, the Shinto Goddess of Laughter and Mirth, as well as the Fool card in our deck, tells me that we are entering into this new cycle with some protection through our innocence and lightheartedness. No matter the outer appearances of our world, the shadows and illusions, we must continue to laugh and dance in the face of the darkness. With that we shall beckon the return of the light.

The Six of Wind, Intention, tells us to remember it is our intention that drives all we create. Center within our true knowing and heart's desire and create within the energy of this unfolding cycle.

And the Six of Fire, Forgiveness says our foundation of Forgiving and letting go of what has been before us assists our journey forward.

These are our strengths as we move into this new cycle and who we truly are.

Ace of Fire - Illumination
Four of Earth - Boundaries
Four of Fire - Completion

Overview - In the big picture, or overview of the next month we have the Ace of Fire, Illumination, the Four of Earth, Boundaries, and the Four of Fire, Completion.

The Ace of Fire, Illumination tells me that is is through the fiery process of burning away the old that we are receiving an awakening and illumination upon our journey this month. Things are heating up in our world. With that fire, let it burn up anger and pain, so we can receive the healing of the light given off in the process. This Ace of Fire also lets us know that there is much support and many gifts offered by our angels and invisible support team for awakening and illumination no matter the appearances of things outside of us.

July will be a great month to be aware of and work on your boundaries. With the Four of Earth card in our overview, be clear of who you are and who others are. Own your space, and take good care of your energy. Fill up with the summer sun and potentiate your luminous egg of light. Keep yourself clean energetically, as well as your physical world and you will enjoy the shifts with greater clarity and sense of safety and support.

The Four of Fire, Completion sits in the overview, telling us that we are finally wrapping some things up. Take time this month to finish what needs to be done. This will give you a surge of energy and nourishment in your completion, making space for rest and then new beginnings in the months to come.

Mary Magdalene - XV Initiation
Five of Seas - Cleansing
Maiden of Earth - Beauty

Lessons or Challenges - The lessons and challenges July 2017 offer come through the power of initiation, cleansing and learning to focus on the beauty around us.

Mary Magdalene brings initiation into the new cycles of July, and into the possibility of moving to a higher frequency spiritually, mentally, emotionally and physically. She asks us to claim our true Christ power that lives within us, and to own it in every way. This requires some responsibility on our parts, to manage our minds, emotions and thoughts... to ceremonially move from our sleepiness into a more awakened way of being. Take time for ceremony and ritual and ignite your inner wisdom this month.

The Five of Seas is the card of cleansing. This guidance challenges you to cleanse yourself on all levels. In this time of learning boundaries and coming to completion so you are more illuminated, as shown in the overview for the month of July, it is important to clean away your attachments to the old ways of being... clean out your closets, do a cleanse with your body, jump into the ocean or sea salt bath to purify emotionally as well as physically... take time this month to let go and purify on all levels you can. Do this with intention, so you participate in your lessons, rather than wait on the Universe to kick your butt!

Last but  not least in your lessons this month you will find the Maiden of Earth, which is the Beauty card in our deck. This beautiful earthly priestess maiden invites you into nature to see and experience all her beauty. Slow down and appreciate the beauty within and all around. Where is your focus? Is it on problems? Or is your focus on what is beautiful in your world and in your Self? This is as important as any lesson. Embrace the vibration of beauty through all your senses and rise above the din of problems and the shadow illusions that defeat.

Child of Wind - Consciousness
Six of Seas - Pleasure
Brigid - XIV Alchemy

Action - For July 2017, we are given the action of Childlike pure Consciousness, Emotional Pleasure and the Power of Creativity to guide us through the month.

The Child of Wind is the mental card associated with Consciousness that is free spirited, pure consciousness filled with the wonder of life, free of judgement. Transmute your thoughts and reach into the unlimited perspective a child may offer. Release agendas, opinions and past memories into expanded possibilities. This is your birthright that will open your future and lift you higher.

The Six of Seas, the Pleasure card calls each of us into the place of true joy and pleasure emotionally. Allow your emotional self to embrace your passion and enjoy your sensuality. Open to your heart's vitality and regenerate your life.

The Goddess Brigid is the Alchemy card, beckoning each of us into the world of art, creativity, music, herbal healing and the power of imagination to shape shift our world into greater beauty and love. Brigid brings another important message to dive deeply into possibility, to engage our creative selves as the answer to shapeshifting our lives into anything we truly desire.

Kali - XII Death
Five of Fire - Conflict
Ace of Earth - Manifestation

Outcome - The experience of July 2017 offers completion and endings, possible expansion of conflict and the harvest of many fruits from our labors.

The Hindu Goddess Kali, the Death card symbolizes absolute completion and endings. The overview told us some things would be coming to an end, and that it was time to clean out and let go. Kali is the confirmation that some things are in a timely death process. This may be the ending of a cycle with a job, a relationship, or even something in our government in how things are done or not done. Kali may also be beckoning your own shamanic death. Are you dying to your ego and old ways of being. Kali invites you to let go of your attachments to things or perceptions that hold you in suffering. She says she will rip things away if you hold too tight, so you learn to awaken in your spirit and transcend your ego mind. If you need help in this area, call on Kali to support you in your journey of endings, so you can find your eternal connectivity and light.

The Five of Fire shows up in the center of the Outcome cards for July 2017. This tells me that we will continue to be challenged by the fiery energy of anger and conflict if we hold onto things. If there is confusion and chaos as you move through this month or end the month, make sure to call on Kali (Death) and your other Goddesses Brigid (Alchemy), Mary Magdalene (Initiation), and Uzume (Laughter and Mirth - The Fool) to transmute the aggressive ego struggles. This is a card of warning, to let you know you don't have to go here... this is UP for you and all of us to face and to let go. We can no longer engage in struggle without being pulled down into suffering. This is the energy we are here to kill off as we take responsibility for our joy and our happiness.

The  Ace of Earth, Manifestation goddess is here to let us know there are blessings and gifts coming to earth this month. All of the Aces indicate Gifts from Above are coming. With this card in the outcome of the spread for July, we can count on many blessings showing up all around us. Make sure to look for the magic and be curious about how good it can get... as that will align you with the gifts that are moving to earth every breath, every moment. Take advantage of the opportunities appearing in your world. Prosperity and rewards abound and are here now.

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