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Goddess Guidance for September 2017

In the aftermath of the eclipse energies, we now move into a time of transformation offered through upheaval and a time of reset. Around the world we are being washed through massive flooding, from Texas to Louisiana, to India and multiple other places of Mama Gaia. In the U.S., we are meeting the greatest natural disaster we've known in modern times with Hurricane Harvey and its devastation in Houston and surrounding areas. In our national and international cultures we are faced with a great divide politically, ethically and even morally, as to what is right and how to proceed in cooperation. Much fear is up, calling for courage and tenacity for us to transmute and transform through love.

Dear Goddesses, what can you offer us to steady us and guide us along the way? How do we show up each day with hope and possibility? What do we need for healing personally and globally?

As you read the Goddess Guidance for September 2017, take note that within each section you will find a Goddess to guide our way. This assures me that we are being supported by the highest state of consciousness, with much care for courage, and making our way into a journey of awakening.  The Goddesses Uzume, Aditi, Amaterasu, Isis and Kuan Yin are our Great Mothers helping us to find our inner sacred clown medicine to laugh at the shadows and know the truth of the light, open to infinite possibilities, awaken in the Light of Spirit, trust our intuition and inner guidance, and move into the heart of unconditional love and compassion... for ourselves and the world around us.

Who We Are as we enter September
and face these challenges

Even as we face challenges, the Goddess Uzume shows us who we truly are in the face of adversity. This light hearted Goddess knows that even when it is dark outside that it is time to dance and laugh at the shadows, for this is the medicine needed to bring back the light. On the left is the medicine of courage and on the right the reflection of revolution. It is time to see we are full of fire and light as we move through the challenges, living in the heart of courage, while bringing a new day, a new dawn, and a revolution to be authentically ourselves. Be assured as we own these energies of our true selves, that we can not only meet our challenges, but rise above them into a new, higher vibration that brings healing to all.

The Big Picture for September
In the Big Picture we have the 8 Earth Nurturance, telling us our healing lies in giving ourselves and the world around us great care and nurturing. With the Wind Crone on the left and Goddess Aditi to the right, we need to go deep into the void and trust our visions to guide us. We have what we need to see our way through this, with guidance from above and within. Anything is possible! Rise to your highest possible frequency for moving forward now. Make room for nourishing your mind, body and soul, while offering that compassionate, kindness to all. This is a time of new beginnings and potentiation.

Our Challenges/Lessons to Undertake
The Shinto Goddess Amaterasu shines her light for us to make our way through the challenges that we face this month. She assures us that the only way through is to focus on the Light within our very beings, as well as in each situation we face. The 2 of Seas acknowledges that it may be difficult at times to go to Love, so we must turn to the Light and take ownership of how we feel and how we act. The 10 of Wind warns us that there will be many situations that seem overwhelming to deal with. The message is that we must not believe in the appearances of things and go to the worst scenario. We must shift our attitude and turn to see the light that is stronger than the shadows. We can do this! Anchor yourself in the light above and below, and move in love best as possible.

The Ace of Earth, Manifestation is at the center of our Action this month, signaling a time of blessings and opportunity. The angels are watching over and assisting us in bringing to earth all that is needed now. Be open and ready to receive beyond anything you can imagine. The Maiden of Seas requests the abundant energy of your passionate heart to engage your world. This will assist in drawing forth the blessings and abundance into your world. And Mother Goddess Isis is here to support you in every way, bringing healing, fertility and a rebirth that is much needed. Trust your inner guidance and intuition as you journey through your world, living in integrity from heaven to earth. Take time to meditate and turn inward, balancing your outer actions with your abundant, inner life.

Outcome September 2017
If we heed the guidance this month and take action of the heart, we are assured to move into greater illumination and compassion, as we overcome some old, deep patterns of manipulation and denial.

Having the negative cards of the 5 of Earth - Manipulation and the 7 of Seas Denial tells me that we must take the guidance given seriously, so we are able to overcome these difficult patterns of negativity. This month brings the potential of healing problematic energies of the ego, where we are manipulated by others or Self, as well as the patterns of emotional trance that comes through denial of Self .

Kuan Yin is with us in our human journey to awaken, to assist us in waking up beyond the human foibles of life. She invites us to a place of unconditional love and compassion for the most difficult of human, ego patterns. Sitting in the position of outcome, she tells me that we have a choice to love or to suffer. What do you choose?

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