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by Katherine Skaggs

You are held in the arms of angels,
enfolding you, keeping you safe.

Each day they bless you with a kiss and a smile,
trusting you hear, you will listen,
That you will follow the inner guidance
with peace and joy.

There is no time frame,
there is only each moment,
there is only each breath.

You are loved, adored and honored,
for being exactly you.

Each choice is an opportunity,
to be your true Self,
to be the vehicle for the love
of God flowing through you.

Each choice is an opportunity
to more greatly love your Self,
to accept kindness, compassion, and respect
deeply into your own soul.

Know that there is a divine plan,
know that all is well and
that you are watched over.

Believe in the possibilities
for your true joy, your true happiness.

Have faith in the bigger plan of your soul.
For you are loved deeply.

Have trust and faith in the divinity that you are.
You are a divine child of God,
watched over, guided and protected.

There are no mistakes.
There are only choices.

Each path is a choice.
Each path is a journey for the soul.

Each journey is an experience
where you are learning to fly.

Your wings are firmly attached and unfolding.
You have been given the ability to fly!

You have asked for your God job.
Know that you have been answered.

Trust that you will always know how to fly
For you are an angel.

You have come to Earth to spread light and love
far and wide across the land.

You are never alone.

You too have asked for fulfillment on your sojourn
Trust in your own worthiness angel child.
Trust it is your turn!

Open to receive the gift of Love.
This gift will help fuel your flight.

Always trust you are exactly where you need to be.

Love who you are.

Do your best to allow the sacred act of self love to guide you,
And you will always be fueled for your God job.

Unfurl your wings to fly baby!
You are Love in motion.

Let it flow to and through you.

It IS YOUR TURN · Always, in all ways!

You are loved Deeply, Sacredly!

All rights reserved by Katherine Skaggs © 2006. Please do not reproduce without permission.

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