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Herlinda Agustin Fernandez, a Shipibo Shaman

Herlinda Agustin Fernandez Shipibo Shaman

And it seems with my decision to go back to the jungle this coming November (2013), I was finally able to finish the painting Herlinda, which I began in 2011 in honor of Herlinda Agustin Fernandez, a Shipibo Shaman and healer. She was known for her singing of powerful ceremonial healing songs, known as icaros. She passed in late 2010 after my last trip to the jungle (of Peru, past Puculpa in the upper Amazon region).

This painting of Herlinda is a representation of her magic, and the illumination of light that comes from singing the powerful, healing icaros, or sacred songs. In this image, as she sings, light molecules flow from her hands in the shape of snakes, representing the power of the anaconda, and of the Great Mother healing vine of the soul, Grandmother Ayahuasca. Healing light pours from her hands radiating this healing energy outward for all to receive. The leaves surrounding her are chacruna leaves, a plant known for activating vision.

As the master of singing icaros, Herlinda understand that we are born as a song, or a pattern of light and energy. These patterns radiate into form and express simultaneously. When we get angry, upset, frustrated, sick or out of balance in any way in our bodies and the world around us, our song gets distorted and needs rebalancing. As Herlinda (or any shaman) sings, she calls to the allies of the plants, the animals, the birds, and the powers of Mother Nature, invoking their sacred healing patterns of light. The songs are sung into the group or individual to bring healing and energies of light to balance and return harmony.

This painting was created not only in honor of Herlinda, but also as a portal to the healing songs of the sacred plants and other allies from the mother jungles.  This painting emanates healing light, and can be worked with consciously as if Herlinda were in the room on the physical plane. She continues to be a powerful healer and ally through the dimensions though she is not incarnated at this time.

I asked Herlinda (psychically) what I most needed to know about this painting and its energy infusion, and she tells me this is a painting of the heart. It is a portal to purification of the heart and soul, and all the DNA when engaged with sincerity and humility. Grandmother Ayahuasca will work with and through Herlinda and the portal of this painting to bring her song into the world and expand their patterns into those who wish to heal, who desire to wake up and be filled with light.

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