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Is Your Soul Calling You Now?

Are you being called to shamanism, to a heart path, to a spiritual practice, or just to understand what the heck is going on in a mad world? Can you make sense of it all? Are you pulled into the chaos and extreme polarization of the times?

My name is Katherine Skaggs and I have asked all the same questions for many years now. Early in life my family didn't make sense, my religion didn't make sense, and the world I was born into seemed harsh and unforgiving, though my religion taught forgiveness. For nearly 40 some years now I have walked a path of discovery, of healing, and of inquiry into the true nature of existence beyond making money, paying taxes, and doing what society of expects of me. Well, I never really did all society wanted, as that didn't make sense either.

I am the author of the new book Artist Shaman Healer Sage, as well as a spiritual adventurer, an intuitive, a visionary artist, a shamanic practitioner, an entrepreneur, and a soul on a grand adventure of waking up in a transformative time on the planet Earth. If you find yourself here watching this video, you can expect to learn a bit more about this journey of the soul. I write about it in my book Artist Shaman Healer Sage, as well as give some soul maps and timeless truths to assist you in finding your way. Take a little bit of time and connect with me if you will, for you are on an adventure of finding your true nature as Spirit that lives within you.

With some courage and determination, you will go more deeply upon your path of awakening to the power of love and wisdom that is within you. Learn more about finding it, engaging light and love, and expanding it into your life's experiences, for more joy, understanding, wisdom, and harmony. Much love Katherine Skaggs

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