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Full Moon in Capricorn, July 13th, 2022 Mythical Goddess Tarot reading with Katherine Skaggs, artist of the Mythical Goddess Tarot.

What does this super full moon cycle have to tell us? How can it support us to bring positive change and help us bring our dreams to earth?

A 15-card spread to reveal guidance, challenges, gifts and possibilities.

Who are we entering into this full moon cycle?

Child of Fire - Creative Spark We need to own our creative spark as our greatest gift to create our world. This is a card of new beginnings that reveals what is supportive at all times. Trust your inner creative self to guide you.

8 of Seas - Depletion We are exhausted from the emotional challenges and energies that have been going on. Make sure to take time to rest in this cycle. Pay attention to your emotional, tender self, and your physical body. Balance.

Crone of Earth - Ascension This is a card of wisdom born of our earthly experiences. As we move into this cycle this is one of our gifts that helps us navigate our world. Draw upon the wisdom from your earthly experiences and the wisdom of your very lineage.

What is the Big Picture?

Goddess Lilith - Power Everything is up about authenticity, equality, and personal power. It is time to own who we are in our differences, with full sovereignty, to honor and respect ourselves and others. This is a time of coming into greater freedom and power.

Goddess Yemaya - Oracle It is time to honor the inner self and knowing that you have. It is a time of intuition and knowing yourself rather than looking outside. Trust your inner compass.

4 of Wind - Patience Be fully present to this experience as we prepare to birth a new reality. All is in order. Everything is in perfect timing.

What are the challenges and lessons?

Goddess Ix Chel - The Moon The challenge and lesson is to take time to go within to dreamtime, to sleep, to rest and reset, to go within and be true to your inner self and inner guidance. Go outside of linear time.

Child of Seas - Innocence Within the storms of life you may feel challenged to remain innocent and in your heart spaces. Again, go within and work with your precious, innocent, curious heart-centered child self, as this part of your knows the way beyond the fear.

9 of Earth - Works The lesson and challenge is to bring your inner dreamtime guidance into your world through joyful action.


9 of Wind - Fear Face the fear and mental struggles that keep you from living the life you want to live. Get honest and come back to your heart. Your heart knows the way, not your mind.

9 of Fire - Integrity Align your spirit, your higher mind, your heart, and your actions now. Be in integrity as a divine being living an earthly life. Practice. This will offset the fear and brig you back to heart and joy.

Goddess Isis - High Priestess Use ceremony and ritual to focus your true heart's desires into your life to assist you in living your best life. Work with moon ceremony and daily ceremonies to bring higher spiritual light into this world.


Goddess Uzume - The Fool Staying on this path will bring you to a new cycle with greater levity and lightness, knowing that all is well.

10 of Earth - Fruition Everything is provided and given for all the hard work that has happened. There is enough for self and for sharing with tribe.

7 of Earth - Failure Change is at hand. All ways of life that are not sustainable are falling away. Accept that the old ways that are not working are dying, and this is a good thing, as new life comes with this change.

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