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Get inspiration for the week with a one card pick from the Mythical Goddess Tarot with Katherine Skaggs. The Child of Fire, our Creative Spark medicine calls us today to bring in the light of inspiration and creativity into our lives. If you have been purifying and burning away the old patterns, the old forms, and the old ways of life for an upgrade, now is the time to drop into your inspired, excited, fiery child like creative nature to create entirely anew!

Take a little time to listen to artist of the Mythical Goddess Tarot and intuitive tarot reader Katherine Skaggs, and you will indeed be inspired with this new energy available to support you in creating your life with purity and wonderful, aligned with your incredible creative nature.

In the Mythical Goddess Tarot, the element of Fire in the lower arcana Fire Suit represents the element of Spirit. It contains and illuminates all the other elements. Fire is the will, it is the light of vitality, it is passion, and expression. Fire is the active force of life and light in our lives. We need it to live, to be animated, and to create. With fire our material needs of heat and light are met, as well as all of our spiritual needs. Fire is the core of our being and our very will. With the light fire provides, it brings clarity and realization, as well as the source of our creative expression.

When fire is present, all other elements come to fruition, transmuted to a higher form and frequency. The bright and illuminated energy fo fire is the creative spark that gives life, it is also our very essence. When we are in alignment with our inner fire, we move and create in the world with power and vitality.

The Child is a symbol of purity, innocence, and new beginnings. The Child of Fire is symbolic of very essence of your being that is creative, the power that sparks the light and creation within every part of your light. This fire Child is here to assist in allowing your very deepest creative essence to be inspired and activated by the joy of her all consuming flame. She is the soul fire, or soul passion that lives within your very being. Let your inner creative spark ignite your soul fire now, that is may be ablaze and come forth into your life, that you may bring fulfillment as you truly deserve.

Katherine Skaggs is the artist of the award winning, best selling, Iconic Mythical Goddess Tarot. Check out Katherine's newly released book Artist Shaman Healer Sage - a beautiful, full color 264 page book on shamanism and spiritual mapping systems to help you navigate your life in greater joy and harmony. We need guidance as well as practices and spiritual maps to better understand how to live well during times of great change. Both the Mythical Goddess Tarot and Artist Shaman Healer Sage are guides for supporting you in every aspect of your life.

Man blessings, Katherine Skaggs


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