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It is time for Radical Transformation, Radical Healing, Miraculous Transformation. Who can come in to guides us, to assist us in this process, in letting go and opening to receive the blessings? How can we be in the blessings and gratitudes amidst the challenges? With the eclipse cycles we have been in we are being activated to let go of deeper levels of angst, anger, grief, and self deprecation or blame of another. We are being purified and cleansed so we may return to our essence, our hearts, and a new life that is more potential for love and wisdom than possibly ever before on this planet.

The Pleiadian Star Goddess arrives in our one card pick today to bring us assurance that we are exactly where we need to be upon the path, that our soul's destiny is unfolding in perfect timing, with all the right circumstance, people and such - even if there are difficult aspects to it, it is all exactly right for your soul's journey that you may wake up into greater love and illumination. It is the initiation process for greater joy and peace, a returning home to your soul self, rather than an ego driven life. The Star Goddess is about blessings from your higher self, from the heaven's and higher dimensions, bringing in light and energy.

Open to receive the illumination and be transformed from the suffering into heart-centered joy and peace.

This sounds so woo woo and wonderful, yet it is a sacred path of releasing ego judgements and limitations mentally, emotionally, physically, th your spirit may expand within your human experience. As you release and let go, the light has room to enter into your reality in all ways. As this happens, you can trust that more balance, joy, and happiness will return to your life, to your knowing, and to your capacity to express this through you. Radical transformation is the process of miraculous manifestation. Look up, look within, open your arms, open your heart, for the energy is coming in now to move you to a greater understanding and perspective. Do you best to focus on yourself as light, as love, as deserving, as loving and lovable. This focus will be healing as you receive the energies that fuel your true essence, allowing you to be the beacon of light within a changing world. Take 11 minutes and listen up that you may be inspired for the change and the blessings that are coming now.

With the new moon on June 10th, take some time to honor the journey you have been on to now. Do any releasing you would like prior to setting your intentions to align your prayers to the greatest potential that you are calling into your life at this time. Smudge, pray, call in your guides and helpers, call upon the Pleiadian Star Goddess to assist and support you, go into ceremony. Know that you are supported no matter the appearances of the world around you. Great Spirit/God/Goddess knows your heart and your soul. Ground yourself into a positive focus as you courageously, radically release what no longer serves you, and open your arms and your heart to the blessings of a new, expanded potent reality that you are aligning with now.

May you be blessed beyond what your mind can conceive. May our loved ones, and those we are having challenges with, all be blessed to bring peace within, love within, light within, that we may harmonize in the light. May peace always prevail. May we be assured and trusting of the love and light unfolding within ourselves in this miraculous transformation. May you receive and know that you are love.

With deep love, respect, blessings and gratitude.

Katherine Skaggs

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