June Tarot Reading and Forecast

What do the Goddesses have to tell us in the June Tarot Reading and Forecast?

Join Mythical Goddess Tarot artist and reader Katherine Skaggs for a look at the energies of June 2024.

Who are we as we enter this month?
Earth Fruition - As we enter this month we have much to share, and to celebrate. This card shows a woman with a full basket of fruit she is taking to her tribe to share. We are abundant!

Ace of Earth - Manifestation - another card showing we are abundant and manifesters. Also, as an ace, it says we are protected and guided by many angels and spiritual helpers.

Seas - Purity - And as we enter June our hearts are open and pure. This is something we can not only be grateful for, it is some of the medicine and gifts we bring to the journey.

What is the Big Picture for June 2024?
Earth Card - Failure - Count on letting go of more in your physical reality that cannot go on the way they are. Detach from that which is dead and move to fertile ground. Release the patterns associated with the things cannot grow. Change will come.

Fire - Criticism - Another reflection of entanglement and conflict arising to deal with. Let go of what is out of harmony. Move to greater joy, harmony, and love. Stop feeding the conflicts within and all around.

Seas - Pleasure - Move to the heart of pleasure. Step into joy, pleasure, and emotional happiness. This will support letting go of what no longer serves you.

What are our Lessons and Opportunities?
Seas - Desire - It is time to focus on your true heart's desires and get all the obstacles out of the way. This is a growth opportunity. It is time to honor yourself and what is within your heart to fulfill.

Fire - Integrity - This card goes right along with the heart's desire card. Honor what your soul wants and bring it forth into your conscious mind and life.

Mother Mary - Sacrifice - Make sacred all you are letting go of, and all you are creating. Release the finite and move into an energy of infinite love to guide you.

What Actions do we need to take for the best outcomes?
Shinto Goddess Uzume - The Fool - It is time to lighten up. Be the light in the darkness. Dance in the darkness to bring the light back. Trust. You are protected and in a new beginning.

Fire - De-Light - another affirmation it is time to live in the light and be delighted. Celebrate the light in your life, within your being, and all that is possible. Let it move you forward in your dreams.

Seas - Cleansing - Time to release and clean your hearts and emotions. Let go of the heaviness and move to the light.

What is the outcome as we follow this guidance?
Earth - Nurturance - As we follow the guidance given we can expect to bring greater self love and self nurturance into our human experience.

Earth - Success - As the month ends there will be plenty of opportunity to celebrate the riches of our lives and what we have created... the value, the fun, the physical manifestations.

Earth - Beauty - Another earth card that says we will be enjoying our physical reality and its beauty and how it blesses us.

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