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Just Take One More Step...

by Katherine Skaggs

 As life flows in its ups and downs it seems like all we can do is sit down, tired from all the change, sometimes from struggle, and other times from the experience of great heights. In my journey of late, I have had amazing experiences on my shamanic path, feeling so very connected to Spirit and my guidance, with my one foot in the Spirit world, and the other in the physical world. And at times it seems challenging to traverse the physical world that wants to be linear. Yet, the magic of my shamanic path has reminded me all I have to do is "just take one more step..." and to look for the magic in the journey.

As the world turns and the planets re-arrange themselves, 2012 comes closer and closer with the promise of Armageddon.. of one world dying and a new era being born. The new era is a promise of greater love and light, often referred to as a new Golden Age. All we have to do is look around us and know that the change is not eminent, it is happening NOW. We are experiencing many Earth changes, with the Great Mama spewing volcanoes and cracking up in earth quakes. Our great Mother Gaia is doing all she can to help us crack open our hearts as we break away our old patterns of fear, stubbornness and separation. She is asking us to come together as humankind once more, with compassion and assistance for all.

Not only do I see these many changes in our earth and the patterns of our climate, but I see these volcanoes erupting in the minds and emotions of many people around me. Their lives are breaking apart, just as the Earth Mother's body is breaking apart in places. I see people letting off steam, cracking patterns of fear that have held them hostage to relationships, jobs, attitudes and habits of being. The changes are difficult, like giving birth in hot lava, so uncomfortable. Yet, there is no waiting for the change, it is upon us all. And for any who have ignored their discomfort and pushed it aside over the years, you can be assured that the eruptions will be all the more powerful, urging to make a change, to let go, and to fill up with something different than what has been accepted in the past.

It can be overwhelming when we are being pressured to change. There is no escaping it all. The stars are truly achangin'... sending energies through us and rearranging the very molecules that create our reality. Yet, if we will only stop for a moment, we will know we are not alone, that this is manageable, if only we will slow down and breathe. If only we will know that all we have to do is take one step at a time.

Recently I was on a beautiful sacred pilgrimage in Mexico to some ancient, Aztec lands. Upon this journey I trekked to the top of a sacred mountain one day with a small group of fellow pilgrims. We went from 9,000 to 11,000 feet over the course of a few hours, each of us in our own prayerful spaces. At the top of the mountain we stopped in several places to pray in ceremony together. Each stopping place held great power and gave us all healing, support and personal power. We were on the mountain for several hours, receiving great guidance, love and healing. Finally it was time to complete our time on the mountain and to begin our journey back down to town, to rest, to walk in the village and to have an evening dinner and celebration.

Upon the walk down the mountain I realized I was very tired. I had not only walked this mountain and been on it for many hours how, but I was completing several days of pilgrimage. I had driven many hours to reach our sacred lands, had already done a full day and night ceremony with no sleep, and had little sleep the night before this ceremonial day. Though I was so filled with love, joy, gratitude and satisfaction, my body was tired and the walk was long even for a walk down a mountain. Yet, as I walked I was in conversation with Jesus, Mary and Grandfather. I was being instructed the entire way down the mountain to "just take one more step."

At times I felt alone when I could not see any amigos on the trail, and I would be told, "there are many before you and behind you. If you keep walking you will eventually find the ones before you. There is always someone waiting. And if you get tired, sit down, and someone will find you. And if you will just take one more step, then another, then another, you will eventually arrive at your destination... along the way, enjoy the beauty. We are with you supporting you through your tiredness. Focus on the beauty and you will be there before you know it."

As I adjusted my attention to the joy of my conversation with my amazing guides, and to the beauty and teachings along the path, I found myself in town shortly. And, as I walked across the bridge that leads to this small mountain town, I looked up and saw a dear amigo from my group, waiting. Tears came to my eyes as my heart opened even wider and I knew how my guides had gifted me with an experience confirming their words of guidance. "If you will just take one more step, someone will be there for you."

So my dear friends, as you walk through this time of deep transformation, "just take one more step." You are not alone. There are many around you, seen and unseen, who love you and support you through times of change. Keep your eyes and your heart on the beauty. Do not be afraid to let go of the pressure within, and break away the old patterns that are born of fear, self deprecation and resistance to your own beauty. You will be refreshed and regenerated when you let go and move to your heart. Trust in a new pattern of greater love replacing what has been hard. Just take one more step. Just one more. And then another. You will move through what is difficult if only you will appreciate the scenery as you go on the path. Look to what is good, what is beauty, what is nourishing. You will find your way. You are not lost. Someone is before you, and someone is behind you. You are exactly where you need to be. Just take one more step.

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