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The subject of "Keys to Making it Happen in Your Life" came from the invitation to speak at an International Women's Day celebration. The theme for 2015 is "Make it Happen!" I found this an interesting topic, very action oriented and masculine in the action orientation. My initial thought was how do I bring this into the Divine Feminine energy of birth and renewal, with the unification of the masculine and feminine energies that give new life.

To enter into the wholeness of our creative process, we must invoke the divine feminine presence through stillness and going within to the void, or the cosmic womb. There we find union with our Divine potential, there we access the vast wisdom in the quantum field, i.e., the akasha. Once we unite with this inner kingdom and queendom, we can give birth to anything. From here our outer masculine efforts have meaning and purpose, and are supported by our greater soul's purpose. From here the Universe, and all its creative flow of life force can support us and our dreams, and not just our individuated ideas and efforts. I suggest to "Make it Happen," we invite the larger presence of the Creative Source energy and discover the magic of being Divinely human.

Here are some Keys to Making it Happen.

1. Be present now. Go within.

From the place of presence and inner stillness you are able to experience your power to create. From this place you connect to your larger spiritual presence, and the presence of the Divine support that is constant. From the place of presence you increase your experience of havingness. From this place you can navigate the void and the potential of what you desire. From this place you can be present and clear to what you love, and what you want to let go of. From this place you can connect to all that is, and experience support and the flow of right timing. From this place you can sit in trust that you are perfectly safe and that all is truly given.

One of the laws of the Universe is that All is Given. No matter the appearances of things, All is Well, and All is Given. If you are in a state of chaos, with your attention in the future or the past, you are never able to receive fully what is already in your life. Gifts are available in present time.

Exercise to Be Present:

Take a moment to be present in body with your breath. Close your eyes, feel your body connected to the earth and breathe into your heart. Imagine a beautiful golden column of light flooding your body from the heavens above, illuminating and protecting you. Feel your breath moving in and out of your body. Feel the stillness as you breathe. Feel your body, your heart beat, your pulse, your rhythm. Breathe. Sink into the stillness and feel into the energy around your body, your quantum field.

Within the quantum field is all possibility, all your dreaming, and all your having. Breathe into this energy and feel the potentiation that sits with you, that is empowered by your heart desires. It lives now. By engaging it through your stillness, your desire and your focus, allow its holographic image and energy to arise into your presence. Experience your desires animated in your field in the now moment.

Breathe in and breathe out. Breathe this reality into your space with gratitude and union. Breathe in and out. Allow its vibration to bathe you, to enter your awareness, invoking its frequency into every cell of your being. Say thank you as you enjoy the energies of what is.

2. Let go.

To move forward in life, one must let go of the tethers of the past, of the old stories of what has happened, of the old hurts and the old loves that no longer serve the present moment. Whether it be closets full of old clothes that no longer fit or are in style, to old stories that really aren't you or the person you desire to be, you must let go and compost the old energies, beliefs and situations that hold you in the past.

Living on Earth is a cyclical experience. There is the process of morning, afternoon and night; of the seasons that roll through, from Spring, to Summer, to Fall to Winter; of child, maiden, mother and crone; baby, child, teen, adult, senior. With each cycle there is a birthing energy, a growing energy, a declining energy and a deathing energy. There is a beginning and there is an end. There is harvest and a composting.

It is only natural to experience anew, to ride the wave of that experience, and then to let it die and compost that experience, harvesting all the fruits of that experience, whether it was good or bad. From all things there is a harvest, even if the experience seemed fruitless. If you are present to the experience, you will find a teaching, a lesson, and a fruit or nugget of wisdom of some sort, even if it is just the practice of letting go of what was.

It is very difficult to create a new life, a new quest, and a new garden in a new season if you have not composted and tilled under the past season, refreshing the soil and preparing for new life. It is like walking through a land mine of skeletons you keep tripping over if you never bury the dead. The gardens of life become very fertile for creating anew when we get good at composting what has come before.

Otherwise the quantum field is running all sorts of old information, and attachment energies that just clutter it up. There's no room for a clear and clean new energy to come into your life if you keep hanging on to your old ways and old stories.

Exercise to Let Go:

Put on some music that you can relax into. I prefer shamanic drumming music, and high energy trance dance music, yet you can choose any sort of music that allows you to move out of your head. If you don't want to use music, use your breath as in the exercise above to move you into a trance like state and out of ordinary thinking reality.

Breathe in and out, relaxing your body. Breathe in and out allowing your thoughts to drain away. Breathe in and out with an intention of letting go of what no longer serves you, of cleaning your field, and becoming present to your essence.

Imagine you have a beautiful octahedron lined in electric blue around your body, protecting you. An octahedron is two four-sided pyramids put together at the base, with the point of one going into the heavens, and one penetrating Mother Earth. The bases of the pyramids should be connected at the bases at your waist area. Outline them in electric blue and fill them with pink and gold light. These are the building blocks of the Universe. Pink is vibration of unconditional love, gold the frequency of wisdom and blue the frequency of energy.

Ask if any guides, angels or totem animals would like to join you. Ask if one would come present to take you on an imaginary journey into non-ordinary reality. This is the place where you day dream and where your soul is free from the tethers of ordinary daily life. Once a guide shows up, ask if they would take you through a portal or a doorway into the desert. They may take you through a knot hole in a tree, up through a cloud, or into a cave. You will somehow move through a place that is a doorway between the worlds into another reality.

As you move through the doorway, have your guide take you to a very hot, and dry desert land. Lay down in the desert and focus on allow Mother Nature and all her elements and creatures to begin to deconstruct your body as you know it.

Feel your spirit lift above your body, allow the physical deconstruction of all the patterns within your body, and your life. Let go. Imagine with this body release, that you are also releasing all your mental and emotional thought patterns that have any limitation or dis-ease in them. Imagine all discomfort and suffering falling away with each part of your body death. Everything is given over and you don't need to manage any of it.

Give it over to Mother Earth and allow yourself to rest and regenerate.

Once you have allowed your body to decay and deconstruct all the way down to ash or dust, rest, and feel the freedom of no structure for a while. Then when you are ready begin to breathe in a new structure and body with all the patterns, vibrations and frequencies that hold your dreams and your desires in complete wellness, abundance, joy, happiness, freedom, etc. Visualize your body reconstructing from the earth into cells, blood, organs, bones and a body birthed anew at a higher vibration and frequency that holds more light, that holds your own potential at a greater vibratory rate allowing shift.

Your intention fuels this process, so don't worry about how it works. Engage the process and be present to the flow that happens. It works.

3. Focus on Your Havingness - You are Worthy. Find your HOLY YES.

When you engage your heart's desires, you begin to fuel the possibility of your havingness increasing. When you become present, and let go of your past, your limitations begin to fade away and you are able to catch the wave of creativity, fueling your own ability to receive. You become magnetic. Everything you desire is given attention and lights up in your "field," calling to it substance that gets more and more full in your field, manifesting into your physical life easily and magically.

You shift from "maybe this will happen" to "I am so excited about what I am creating." You are engaged in birthing your creations. There is no efforting.

With this you find your "Holy Yes!" You say YES! to your life, and know your dreams are holy, as are you! Havingness is saying YES to what you desire. You have your dreams for a purpose and a reason. They come from your true essence's desire to be here and to experience.

Focusing on your havingness and saying YES allows the energy of LOVE to engage your creativity. Imagine making love. It is fun, engaging, authentic, and passionate (hopefully!) There is no work involved. It effortlessly flows with gentleness and power.

Say YES, Be Receptive, Believe in Magic, Know YOU are Worthy! This allows your havingness to increase... watch the magic unfold!

Exercise to Increase your Havingness:

Find a quiet spot where you can be still and go within. Again, breathe in, breathe out, stilling your mind and your body. Breathe in light from above, and fill your body with that light. Bring in the light of the golden and pink octaves into every cell of your body, into every thought, every emotion, filling your field with love and wisdom. Open a pathway, connecting your mind's eye with the energy in your heart center. Call in your guides, angels and helpers to support you.

Now, think of one heart's desire you would like to create or make happen in 2015. Imagine it fully created and vibrating now, in color, light, smells, sounds, feelings, and knowing of its energy. Its essence is sending light from where it lives multi-dimensionally into this reality.

Sit with this energy and experience fully in your imagination your desire. Let it bathe you in joy and love and illumination. Stay with it as long as you desire.

When you are complete, keep the feeling you have just received and then put a pink balloon around your holographic image of your heart's desire, and let it fly free. Watch it float away. You have given it over to Spirit and your higher Self.

4. Honor Your Heart's Desires: Giving Voice & Action to Your Dreams

Sometimes it is very easy to honor what we desires. Other times we face fear in ourselves or our environment when we decide to "Go for it" in our lives and "Make it Happen." Often that means we are going to step outside of the box of what is expected of us to allow ourselves to dream, especially if it is a big dream.

As you become aware of what you truly desire, write it down, draw it out, imagine it in all ways that are fun, meaningful and enjoyable. Ask yourself and the Universe, "What might it be like if I allowed this to come into my life?"

It may mean researching the topic of your desires, taking a class, finding a community, and learning more. It may mean asking for help.

Protect your dreams from negativity and nay-sayers. As you are clear on your desires, listen to how you speak of them, and to whom you speak of them. First of all, listen to your own voice as you speak to yourself or others about your dreams. If you are positive and excited, you will attract those who are also positive and excited with you. If you are afraid and negative, you will absolutely bring situations and people to you who will reflect that back to you.

I watched "The Voice" last night and saw a perfect example if this when a young man spoke about his dream of being on the Voice and getting his music to the world. He said he was at a crossroads in his life, where he would choose to go back to medical school, or TRY to follow his singing career. He loved singing and medical school was second. However, if you look at his choice of words, his subconscious was letting him know what was in store for him if he did not become conscious to whether fear or love truly guides his path.

His words revealed he wasn't going to TRY to go to medical school. That was a very clear choice to GO to medical school. Yet, he was going to TRY to have a career singing. His words reflected his hesitation and fear, perhaps his lack of trust and lack of confidence. Most likely there is a belief that singing isn't a valid career choice, but medicine is. Within that belief one dream is worthy of creating, and one is not. The belief is reflected in the words and creates patterns of limitation in his field, and in how he can move forward with his dreams, or not move forward with his dreams. Amazingly he did NOT get chosen for the Voice last night.

Words are very powerful and reveal how we truly feel and see the world. When we put in the word TRY, it is a reflection that we are afraid we can't have what we desire, and that we are not confident in actually doing what we desire, or worthy of receiving what we desire. You either DO or you DON'T DO, there is no TRY.

Do your best to practice listening to your words. Protecting your dreams means you need to be CARE-FULL with your own words and beliefs regarding what is possible for yourself. Practice saying what you desire using the words "I AM" in front of what you desire. It brings your dream into current tense and is a phrase of action from your higher self. Such as... "I AM going back to school." "I Am a great singer, and I Am continuing with my career." "I Am guided on my path." I Am blessed and my dreams are blessed." Got the idea?!

Your words reflect and invite your own power of having, or your own pattern of sabotage. Pay attention, listen, choose wisely and create. Remember, "In the beginning was the word..." In all sacred, ancient texts you will find teachings and guidance on the power of the word. From all thought comes word, from all word comes form. When thought, word and feeling join together, action flows as does form. Create from the power-full thought, care-full feeling and I AM word that reflects your highest dreams manifest on earth.

As you are clear with yourself, you will be clear who to share your dreams with. You want to protect your dream child from the harsh world of nay-sayers who can slime your dreams. No one can do this without your permission. Yet we often give our power away to others if we want approval from the outside on what we are bringing into our lives.

Choose when to share your dreams. Let them get enough energy and substance before sharing with others. If you are pondering an action and you choose guidance from another, choose wisely. Choose someone who is fully unconditionally loving. They don't impose their beliefs on you. That is a rare person, and they do exist. Raise the bar on what you expect of yourself, your friends and your family in your havingness. You are worthy of great support, inwardly and outwardly.

Play the "What if" game with yourself and allow the Cosmos and your higher guidance team to support you. "What if you made this dream happen in your life? What if you really got to receive this? What if it was gifted to you from the Universe with great magic and ease??? What if I only had positive, loving supportive people helping me to receive this?" From this place your inner Divine child, your subconscious, and your higher guidance team will show you the possibilities and magically call forth support. From this you stimulate the quantum field and the Universe must answer!

Exercise to Support your Heart's Desires - Create an Altar

It is important to give attention and energy to our heart's desires as we are on the adventure to creating our dreams. That may come in a variety of ways. Some people make dream boards, others make To-Do lists. And some people create altars where their most sacred prayers and gratitudes have a place for expression.

I like creating an altar as a container for our prayers and intentions for our desires. An altar represents the soul's heart and a place for our heart desires to be held. It is a location where we can put out attention and intention. It reminds us to engage our prayers and our dreams daily. It is a place to ask for help, and to receive the blessings that our dreams want to give us. It brings a sacred ritual and action to our creation process. It helps us remember we are not alone in this process and that we have incredible support. It is a place to give it over to the Universe and to Our Source Creator energy.

For personal altars (that are not for others to interact with), I suggest finding a private space where you can place a few items to represent your intentions and desires. The altar can be of any size, small or large. You can even put it in a drawer so no one bothers it, or on a night stand.

Find a beautiful cloth as the foundation of the altar. I often use clothes that have an additional meaning or energy, such as those from the Shipibo tribe of the jungles of Peru. Each cloth is a song and brings a particular energy. Find a cloth this holds color and beauty, and possibly pattern that are pleasing and that bring the presence of sacredness.

Now gather items that represent your dream and place upon the altar. They may be a photo of something meaningful; written prayers; affirmations of your dream; stones or crystals; a candle; statuettes of goddesses, dieties, animal totems; flowers and incense; etc.

Your intention, and heartfeltness, along with everything you put onto your altar creates a vibratory pattern and frequency of beauty of love to honor and bless your desires as you set your altar.

5. Act and Give Up your Resistance!

Once you have become present to this process, what actions are next? It may be simple, like announcing to your friends you are "going for it". Getting the word out as you are clear and positive about what you desire can generate an incredible amount of response. Last year I posted something about wanting to get my paintings back out into the world, and did anyone know a place I should show? That one post got all sorts of responses. The biggest response was from a client in Chicago who said she had the perfect place for me to show. "Chicago" I thought how far is that? Then I looked it up and saw it was a 16 hour drive. My first response was to resist... Yet, I remember I asked and this was an overwhelming good opportunity.

I said "Yes." From that "yes" I ended up in Chicago four times with two months of shows and four opportunities for doing soul portraits. This also led to travel up and down I-80 which also manifested stop overs in Nebraska to do soul portraits. That resulted in connecting with more than 200 people and doing over 150 soul portraits. And I am going back.

On a similar note this year I asked inwardly "Where does my work go this year?" Again, I was guided to answer a call to an International Art Book, which I was accepted into. I had been invited for three years and never submitted. I finally acted and was accepted, and now will have the work go to more than 6000 galleries and museums worldwide for exposure in this book. Who knows what will come of it. Yet, I know something will come of it because I acted on what was already in front of me that lined up with my dream of the art going further into the world, so it can impact and bless others.

Things are already happening as a result of this one action. That action led to entering an International Art Show, and then led to getting my images onto a site where more product can be made from them, which has led to more of this work again going into the world to bless others.

Exercise to Act

Nike's slogan: "Just DO IT!" Research, outline, dream... what are some tangible actions you can take that honor your desires coming into the physical world? As you sit and give attention to this, you will move from day dreaming to creating what you want. One present moment at a time, all unfolds in a rhythm and a song. Be present to each moment and the actions will reveal and be part of your presence. No future, no past, just the creative act of painting the canvas of your life. Trust your intuition, your inner voice and heart, to guide your actions.

Bless your dreams, own them, love them, love yourself, give to yourself, and know that "Making it Happen" is actually a state of worthiness, and of  "Allowing it to Happen!!"

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