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If you are like myself and many I know, February has been a month of letting go of the old. As it has all too often been stirred up and challenging us in how well we feel, how centered we are, and how easily we move in our life rhythms. Old patterns are vibrating until they crack and fall away. The process of their loud and often uncomfortable reappearance beckons us to respond in ways that eliminate the fog, the clutter and the pain of the past.

There are many articles on the web describing the physical symptoms of the Shift taking place upon this planet, and within our own bodies and psyches. Headaches, extreme fatigue, aches and pains, brain fog, inability to stay on top of the daily flow. Not only are we being bombarded by the energies of amazing planetary alignments, we are being radiated by massive solar flares and expulsions. These radiations are changing the frequency on the planet, of our Earth and of our own energy and physical bodies. This intense radiation truly is increasing the evolution of our bodies and our species. All reports spiritual and scientific lead us to the conclusion we are shapeshifting from a carbon based species to a crystaline silicone based expression. This is the shift from mortal to immortal, if we can make it.

It is very exciting, yet also very challenging, as it is for any  X-men in accepting our greater potential. We are rapidly transforming and we need all the support we can get.

Here are a few tips to support you along your process of transformation:

  1. Ground yourself every day, and often when you are feeling symptoms as described above. Take your shoes off and place your feet on the earth for 10-30 minutes. The earth's frequency will bring you into resonance with hers and support your shift. This is very supportive for your adrenals, as well as whole system, and will help calm and center you.
  2. Drink lots of water! Keep your electromagnetic system running properly with water, as well as support elimination of toxins by drinking 60-80 ounces daily.
  3. Use sound instruments such as a native hand drum, a tibetan bowl, tuning forks, toning or singing to raise your frequency and to break away lower patterns and frequencies. Find the instrument that best suits you and brings you to peace. Go to and listen to his toning from the Hathors to quickly raise your vibe!
  4. Take a Sea Salt Bath 1-3x a month. Sea Salt bathes clean your aura and lift you up. Put 3 pounds sea salt into a warm bath and soak for 20 minutes undisturbed.
  5. Create an altar for your self and your prayers/intentions. An altar helps to focus you to your heart and your spiritual center.
  6. Meditate by sitting or walking on a regular basis to calm your spirit and return to a place of timelessness. In the space of no time we find peace and can release our linear illusion of suffering.
  7. Be grateful. Count your blessings and feel your worries fall away.
  8. Eat well! Organic, non-gmo foods... give up any additions to high carbs, fast foods, packaged foods and sugars and you will find your body more easily shifting.
  9. Join in community of like mind and like heart. Now is a time of returning to tribe for not only support, but joyful living.
  10. Get body work, energy work, sacred soul guidance, and spiritual support in all ways you desire. Give to yourself in sacred ways and receive the energy and love of a new way.

We are in a new time and new patterns are required.  What would it be like if you hopped off the linear greed model and invoked the new pattern of infinite supply. We have always been taken care of but have not always remembered or experienced this. We are being asked to care for ourselves in new ways, and to invoke new models of well being. Being with yourself, and you will then see how to bring that into your family, and into your community.  Simply live it, and live simply and you will find your support amidst the shift.
If you need support, ask! If you are being challenged, here are a few tips for managing the shift.

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