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Learn more about the energies of May 2018 and how to navigate it with clarity and ease with a Mythical Goddess Tarot 15-card spread read by Katherine Skaggs.

This month we have old energies of conflict to burn away and let go. Pele and Forgiveness come in to assist us in burning away the places we where we have disrespected ourselves and our world. Change is upon us, so we need to refocus and move toward our true heart's passions, to clean away emotional baggage where we are open and in love again.

This month we have the challenge of needing to go within through time alone, focused on projects, meditation and inner reflection. Balance your choices when you need to do what is in your best interest by being away from the masses and groups. Morgan le Fay shows up here too, reminding you that you are a magic being and have the power to create your world when you are "sourced" to the Divine.

The action needed for this month comes from the energies of the fiery creative child. Mother Earth and the World also shows up to remind you that the world gives you everything you need. Look around and within to claim your gifts and bounty.

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