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May 2021 Forecast - Mythical Goddess Tarot Reading


Join artist, author, and intuitive tarot reader Katherine Skaggs to gain insights to the energies of May 2021, and how to create your life with greater clarity and joy.

We are still composting old ways of being this month, as we are being directed to again use fire to purify the things we don't love, and work with our heart spaces and compassion to come into passion for living life once again.

Community is here to support us as we evolve into a higher state of being, within and in the world at large. It is a lot of work some days to just show up in these energies. Make sure to rely on your heart, and your focus on what makes you happy. If you have been unhappy, then bring light to the things that create the unhappiness, facing it as purely and openheartedly as possible. Transcend judgment within and for others.

Come home to your heart and choose what makes you happy. Even if that means, counting your blessings in this one small moment. There are some there, if you will look.

Your focus creates. So find a focus that is about joy, passion, good, well-being, and you will begin to be supported in this.

Enjoy this reading. It is packed full of information and energy to shift out of old destructive ways, as we evolve into a full transformed self, offering that to the mass consciousness of all. Much love and blessings Katherine Skaggs

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