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The Mayan Rabbit Spirit Medicine for Cooperation, fertility, synergy, dedication and union. He is a bit Alice in Wonderland, bringing magic and the medicine of the Moon and the Mayan day number Twelve. This Galactic Crystal tone helps us bring Renewal through cooperation and the transformation that comes as we strip away everything we know, so we can emerge new, reborn, alive, and ready to create more amazingly than ever before.

Focus on new beginnings. It is time to not only renew yourself, but to create anew in an expanded version of yourself. It is time to unite the polarities of your inner and outer selves, your yin and your yang, your shadows and your light, your spirit and your human expression and form.

Shed your old skins and break forth from the limited versions of who you have been. Open to possibility. There is something more amazing than you have been able to imagine before now. You are a brilliant creative being as you let go of the past imaginations of your self and the world you have been living in.

Draw on the wisdom and strength of your inner being, and that of the essence of Divinity that you are. You are being invited into a greater pattern of stability as you integrate what was into the awesomeness of your Divine Self uniting with your Earthly Self. Bring the two together and feel the amazing support the Universe has for you from within and all around.

If you have been in the chaos of polarity in the world around you, particularly in your relationships to others, it is time to accept the blessings, forgive the difficulties, and to come together in your own being in greater love and compassion. The magic will emerge as you unite and realize no one is really separate from you as you have been experiencing. You are united in your dance and desire to find harmony, even if it is through polarity. If there has been difficulty, reflect upon the polarity seeking to expand beyond self-limiting beliefs and constructs that have been creating the chaos and pain. Your perception must change to return to harmony. It is within your power to do so!

Then you will return to union within your very being, the cosmos, and the way you dance in relationship to others. New life, joy, and heart centered creation are assured.

Heart Centered Blessings!

Katherine Skaggs

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