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My First Soul Portrait: My Self Portrait

Katherine Skaggs' Soul Portrait

My first soul portrait was actually a creative process that wasn't initially focused on creating a portrait. Yet, it ultimately led to my own soul portrait … an intuitive self-portrait. Through several different sessions I worked on one canvas and laid down a series of patterns, shapes and colors.

Not having a particular vision for what was supposed to unfold on the canvas, I followed my inner voices and promptings. I didn’t even know it was going to be my own soul portrait when I began.

First, I painted the canvas entirely black. Next, as I began to experiment with my new and exciting paints, I painted a series of spirals covering the surface of the canvas… first using one pigment, then taking an entirely different pigment and blending it into the original spiral of pigment directly on the canvas. It was like chanting a mantra over and over, one spiral at a time, different pigments asking me to use them. I reached for each color based on intuition, not intellect.

Time passed without my knowledge of its passing. I was in an altered state, filling the canvas with spirals of beautiful paints. When I sat back from the painting, I thought, “Beautiful … different … interesting … I wonder what will come next?”
I don't know how many days, or even weeks, passed until I sat at this canvas next. But when I did, I knew it was time to actually do my own soul portrait—on top of the spirals—uninhibited, allowing color, form and pattern to flow based on my intuition and inner promptings. “Do not edit according to intellect or how you were taught to paint—paint the energy ... the feeling ... the deeper sense of love.” And I did.

The painting was brilliant … very different … unique … filled with patterns and colors I knew were opening a gateway to my higher self, my multi-dimensional self, my self beyond this reality, my self wiser than I can ever imagine in this conscious mind, my God/Goddess/Universal Self, my Soul Self. The painting was so bold and unique, intuitive … I could not ignore it. It spoke volumes to me.

It educated me about my own personal soul story. It gave me insights into my soul path, my innate connection to universal truth, and, most importantly, that I am loved beyond what I have been able to receive and accept most of this lifetime.

And though I may not be able to absorb or receive this vast love at any moment, it does not go away. They (my guides and angels) again reminded me that I am surrounded by beautiful beings of light, as is each individual on this Earth. I am not alone. None of us are alone. We are NEVER alone. NEVER … no matter how confused we may become in our journey … we are always surrounded by love, guidance and assistance. The messages of love that I received while painting my soul portrait were strong and clear and flooded my conscious mind. My heart was opened more widely. I was guided by this love, a grand and vast love capable of healing humanity in ways that I/we might only pray for … beyond what most of us can imagine … if only I/we each can learn to listen to its guidance and assurance in our lives.

With these messages of love and knowing that I experienced of my inner guidance, guides and angels, I no longer could hide my gifts and talents … no matter what excuses or insecurities I might have or want to concoct. The universal truth flooded in beyond my individual journey, beyond my little self. Though focused for me to hear specifically, the messages were much larger than me. I had to share the messages with others, through soul portraits, sacred art and writing. I could not ignore the message, “It is time that we each receive encouragement to put our insecurities aside and rise up to our larger, beautiful, love soaked, Soul Self.”

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