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The Courage Card - 7 of Fire - The Mythical Goddess Tarot Inspiration Dec. 1st, 2020

Mythical Goddess Tarot Inspiration of the Day is the 3 of Fire, Courage card. Enjoy a short video with Katherine Skaggs with a single card pull from the Mythical Goddess Tarot. Time for Courage as we enter December 2020. Get some light and fire in your hearts. Open them wide and move forward with Love. Enjoy.

Courage Card

The 7 of Fire

Mars in Leo - Mythical Goddess Tarot

The 7 of Fire shows a young maiden kneeling with a ferocious lion, tenderly and courageously offering him nourishment. She has a necklace made of an illuminated, yellow sunflower, representing the courage she has in her enlightened heart space, born of a full and open heart. The borage flower sits at the lower edge of the imagery, a plant medicine that opens the heart and calms fear.

This maiden trusts the spirit of this animal, knowing that the courage she has invoked is the perfect medicine to calm her fear, by doing so offering that calm to the Lion, that it may too meet her in this space of open-heartedness and generosity. Seven spiraling flames descend from the heavens as a blessing from Spirit.

This spirit of the fire maiden and her lion come to you today to assist you in finding the courage you need right now to face your inner demons and to overcome them through the power of light, generosity and open-heartedness. To find your light and your courageous open-hearted nature, call upon the energy of Trust to give you the fortitude and strength required to break through old ways of being that are half hearted or closed hearted.

It is time to awaken your inner fires, your passions, your true heart desires. As you touch into these most important parts of yourself, you will rediscover the quality of courage that comes through commitment to your soul's calling, and the the purpose of your life experiences. It is time to act in the light of your heart on all that is important to you. Within this Leo driven medicine, return to your nature of lion-hearted generosity and leadership. Open that heart wide and lead with love. Shine your light and give from all your gifts. Then you will know your own wholeness, and how you impact the world by being the light that you were born to be.

Symbols and Support

Sunflower - courageous heart. Use the flower essence to open your heart and move into greater light and courage within yourself and your life. Helps open to your generous nature.

Borage plant - also supports the courageous heart. Also use the flower essence to promote open heartedness and to heal the heart.

Lion - Leadership, courage and lion-hearted nature. Shadow of the light medicine is when you not longer use your light to illuminate and support your tribe. Return to your heart nature and you will guide your own life, and bless the lives of others.

Mars in Leo - This astrological influence brings idealism and the confidence to be courageous and open-hearted. Lean into this light-filled energy so you may courageously express the power of a light filled heart and how that transforms your world, and the world at large.

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