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by Katherine Skaggs

Great News!!! The second edition of the Mythical Goddess Tarot has arrived back in Colorado! In the process of going back to press, Sage and I sat down with the guidebook and added some additional pages to assist you in your enjoyment of the Mythical Goddess Tarot!

We have added a new 15-card spread that will give you more in-depth information when reading. We have also added a section on the infamous "Negative" cards in the deck, as they hold great importance that we often just don’t want to embrace. You will also find we have added a bit more information about each of the suits and their elemental meanings.


The Mythical Goddess Tarot

78-card tarot deck with 136-page guidebook now shipping

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The Mythical Goddess Tarot Digital Guidebook

The 136-page Mythical Goddess Tarot guidebook now as a digital file, able to be read as an epub file (iPhone, iPad, Android readers and tablets... all readers that take epub files.) 

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